Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Antica Amarone

Well I will remember this wine. The Antica Amarone. $110 per bottle.

I am a very stupid man. Last night I went out to meet with Sandra from Ecuador. I had pure feeling that she is just a player, interested in good food and drink. And I was so right.

She chose the expensive place, 17 Steakhouse & Bar at Mississauga. We had dinner and 2 bottles of the Antica Amarone. Total bill was $430 and I gave tip of $50. I went there by Uber $30 in each way, so the total costs of the night was stunning $540.

She is a typical Player. She was former fitness instructor and she does not work anymore. She is divorced and she have 13 years old kid. She often comes to that restaurant bringing other guys who pay for the dinner.

In our text conversation I have seen all that and I knew I should not go for this dinner. I have to learn to say NO. She have promised to go out again with me and next time she will come to my place. Of course she will chose another expensive place and another $500 will be gone.

I will not text her anymore and I will not reply on her messages.

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