Cheers on this rainy day

Today is a dark, rainy and cold day. The heating in the condo will start next Friday, October 7th, so next week the yoga practice will be hard or at least unpleasant to do, but it must be done.

I must go into regular daily yoga practice routine. It is the only way to slim down and cut this stomach fat. Although, I'm getting into shape and the scale shows I am under 87 kg, I am not satisfied with the progress. It can be better. Last week only two yoga practices.

Last Thursday was a perfect day. On Wednesday evening I left to bed at 8 pm and I got up at 4:45 am. Started yoga exactly at 7 , did 50 minutes long practice. Went to work at 9 and worked until 4:30 pm. Went to bed again at 8. Perfect. This is how supposed to be!

Yesterday, the Dreamer came at 10:30 am and she stayed until 2:30 pm. I was excited to meet her and we enjoyed each other. Later in the evening, we met again at 7 pm and we went for a dinner, the Thai food, on Bloor. We returned back to apartment and we stayed in bed until 10:30 when she left home.

Our relationship is growing. She can be a good girlfriend. But there will be not so much time for dates. She is going to Europe again on Friday for seven days. I don't know if I am going to see her before she leaves.

On my profile became popular. Many women contacted me last week and I am going to write a separate post about that. I have enough sex and I am not interested for anything new.

The money situation after Tuesday's dinner is a catastrophe. Still owe around $3000 and with this spending habit it will be very difficult to return this money. I have to cut going out completely. The cigarette guy is not here so I am buying cigarettes from the store. That really drains my daily budget.

Anyway, next week is important week. It will be cold and unpleasant but daily practice will start tomorrow morning. Six practices for a week, and going under 86 kg is the ultimate goal of the week. Saturday is the yoga-practice rest day.

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