Sunday, October 9, 2016

I know, I am going to miss you, too

Why he didn't fuck her? This question continues to bother me.

We deal with lots of frustration to get laid. We will wait around for weeks or months until a woman sleeps with us. As time goes by, we absorb woman's bullshit and get more irritated so the fuck, instead of it being an exciting moment, it becomes a game.

But not this guy.

This guy portraits insecurity, resentment, frustration, the lack of progress because he cared for her. So on the end, both parties are left miserable and he eventually leaves. His last words to her were: I know, I'm going to miss you, too.

I am talking about the movie Lost in Translation with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson. Sofia Coppola directed the movie back in 2003. I am surprised that this movie is 14 years old.

It is about our loneliness and isolation. Even thousands of people surrounds us we are unaware of their existence, we are lonely, isolated, hopelessly living our pity life, missing something.

And then, at a hotel bar, we meet a stranger and start talking about marriages, our happiness and the meaning of it all. These conversations can really only be held with strangers.

When drinking is involved, everything is possible until you hear she says "I feel like I've known you for years"... all the chances are you will get lucky and have sex together. Funny, how things are simple in this bittersweet life.

Lost in Translation is not my favorite movie, it is a sad comedy.

I don't like it. I don't like missed opportunities, there are so many of them in my life. I hate karaoke bars and I despise Bob because being funny is what he does for a living, and right there with Charlotte, he is too tired and sad to do it for free.

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