Friday, October 14, 2016

...lets meet at 9. That's how the great time starts

One of our favorite places... The Pravda, Toronto

Friday... Yooohooo!!! 

This morning I woke up tired, well nothing unusual. I did yoga practice at 9 am and tomorrow is the moon day so there will be the well deserved rest. No, I'm not going to write you why Ashtanga yogis don't practice yoga on the moon days, find the answer for yourself... Google it.

I'm a rich guy, not because I have money, I don't, I'm rich because I have so many good friends. When I was married I didn't have friends. There were two families we went to or they came to us and that's it. So when I got divorced and started to live on my own, I was really, really alone.

I left my daughter and the Ex in July 2013, rented an apartment on High Park and started living a life of a divorced man. I had neither a cell phone nor a car and without friends I was pure example of the tragedy of divorce.

Innumerable books, internet articles and self-help programs are out there to help you get out of this terrible condition of divorce. But I have to confess something. Inside myself I was changed, I was finally free and happy.

In September 2013, I met my friends. I went to beer night and they were there. All divorced, happy and cheerful. They accepted me as one of their own. We had so many similarities and life experiences. Just as me, they did not have girlfriends and our main objective become to find one. So we started going out to the pubs and clubs...

Last night I met with my friends in Brindleys, the English pub on Jane street and we had couple beers. The atmosphere of the pub was great. After that we were so hungry so we came to my apartment and I made baked potato late dinner, it was around 1 am. My friend slept over at my place, I left to sleep after 2 am.. Crazy, but what a life!

My girlfriend, the Dreamer, is still in Europe and she'll be back on Sunday. So all my free time now I'm spending with my friends...

Being divorced is so often mixed with the loneliness, of being deserted and abandoned. Fortunately this is far from truth. The divorced people enjoy a larger network of friends than married couples which btw also can suffer from feelings of loneliness.

People change. Circumstances change. We grow, we move, we evolve. I understand. I can count on my friends and that's the whole point of having them.

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