Sunday, October 2, 2016

Break from online dating?

I'm with the Dreamer, is it time to take my profile down?

It is an intriguing question.

Going out of online dating too soon I may end up feeling like a fool when I see that this relationship is still new. On other hand waiting too long, though, might just show her that I am not interested in our dating.

So when's the best time to disengage from the match?

I'm not going to give a definite answer on this question. I'm not going to hide my profile. Who the fucking cares? I'm neither in love nor I'm dreaming about the Dreamer too much. She's okay woman but it is true... our future together is shaky.

Another point I want to make. I must stop contacting women on match. Simply, at present, I'm not interested in going out with them. After last Tuesday, I have no money to waste on dinners and no patience to listen to their sad stories.

Btw. I have deleted Sandra (from Ecuador) phone number and I did not contact her at all. Several times my phone rang (Private number) but I did not answer.

I am sick and tired of complicated women and their middle aged bullshit. Also I don't want to meet with 50+ ladies. They are too old for dating even their message directly calls for sex.

I am a reasonably attractive, semi-normal person of average intelligence so I am asked on a date or two per a week. The time has come that I begin to feel like I'm getting ready for a job interview instead of a pleasant date. So it’s time to pull the brakes.

Most recently, I canceled dates with Jenna (Russian) and Jennifer (Canadain) less than a day beforehand simply... just because. I deleted their numbers from my phone too.

It seems to me that coming down by itself, no need to hide the profile.

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