Monday, November 28, 2016

I do not like to travel... so what?

What would you do if you have a bunch of money and free time. Oh never mind, the first thing you have in mind is to travel: “Oh, I’d love to see New York!” Or Paris, or Australia, or Zanzibar. Or Whateverland. You want to stroll down through well known avenues or hang out on a faraway beach, maybe drinking some tropical, sweet cocktail, shit.

I have a friend who read Eat, Pray, Love, which is a story about a woman’s travels and as soon as she finished the book, she got online and made reservations to go to visit the same countries. I have another friend who read 50 Shades of Gray and as soon as he finished the book, he got online... oh well, that is another story not for this blog.

Hey, how about my neighbour? He is a wealthy sixty something man, doing a lot of travelling. He spend more time on the airports and hotels in a month than me in a whole year. But if you ask me, he is a completely nut case.

It appears that everyone likes travel. And I’m the only who doesn’t love it which makes me what - a freak, in a way. It’s like hating Christmas (which I admit I do) or weddings (which I despise) or kittens (which I don't hate. Who hates kittens? Fuck!).

It took me a long time to admit that I don't like to travel. In fact, I'm pretty close to saying I hate it. For years I said I liked it without really thinking about it, because I had the vague sense that it was part and parcel of being an educated, intelligent person. Right now I'm pretty sure that I'm not so intelligent so I can freely say if I have to travel, it mostly feels like punishment.

I can't stand air flights? It is just waiting. First you wait to give your suitcases and to get a boarding pass. Then you wait to enter the plane, then you wait for take off. Then you sit in dirty plane smelling dirty socks, looking at the small screen until your eyes hurt you...

When you arrive, you wait to get out of the plane, then you wait border control and your suitcases. If all is without any problems you were waited almost 10 hours from Toronto to Amsterdam. People call this travelling.

I do travel, of course. I like seeing my family and friends, and if that involves travel, then fine. I can cope with the horror of flying for the fun of visiting my home country. I also manage to get out of the house. I like day trips and walking because I am so happy to be back in my own home at night. I don't like overnight trips - two days of activities and one night in a strange bed. I can't stand it. It completely ruins my daily schedule and morning yoga practice.

I see no excitement seeing new places especially cities. I have never been and I'll never be in London, Paris, Rome, New York etc.. Exploring streets, wandering though city, checking out the restaurants, museums, zoos... it's all bullshit. The same for souvenirs... which are closely related to traveling. You know, the plastic, glass or ceramic shit, the crappy things that you will never ever use; It s a generic, pathetic and nostalgic bullshit.

What's wrong with a magnet for the fridge? or a bag to carry your lunch in that says "I love ...whatever" or a T shirt, you'll never wear. Souvenir is a French verb that translates as to remember, or a memory. They are unnecessary items you'll find everywhere you go. They exist for travelers to buy them so they remember the trip.

People buy souvenirs not necessarily for themselves, but for others too. There is a great fear of having nothing to show to the family and friends. Where have you been? Let's take photos, post on Facebook, oh you don't have a profile then here is, the crappy thing so don't forget this wonderful trip.

Why does travel matter in life generally?

It's stupid but very common belief that the travelling, seeing other places and passing through the experience matters. I heard it before, "we are here, we're living this life to gain experience". No my friend, you are living this life because you don't have anything else to do. At the end of your life you will forget everything you "gained", but I'll not about it. You want to travel because you are simply bored with your daily fucking dull and uneventful life.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ashtanga Yoga With My Friends

For the things we want to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. - Aristotle

Yesterday at 9 a.m. we had ashtanga yoga class at friend's condo. It was a good practice. We did 5A, 5B sun salutations, all standing postures, and sitting postures until navasana, then we moved to closing sequence. We did not do headstand but we did two sequences of strengthening poses. It was 50 min practice.

When I tell my friends to start doing ashtanga yoga, I always say, they'll feel so good! They'll be so relaxed after the practice and they'll lose the weight etc. What I don’t tell them is that most of the times daily ashtanga yoga practice makes you feel tired. It is a hard practice. And it’s called a "practice" for a reason.

There's no end game in ashtanga yoga; no big "accomplished day,” nothing specific you’re training for, nothing to achieve. It’s a constant hard work in progress, you can almost always go deeper into a pose, extending your ligaments and muscles further to make the pose more challenging. It is the ultimate practice.

Stretching every day brings benefits to your body and mind, and you don't have to be flexible to show up on the mat. You don’t have to be anything to do ashtanga yoga. It is an amazing workout that will help boost your mood and health.

A recent Norwegian study found that daily yoga practice results in boost of immunity at a cellular level. Yoga helps to boost immunity by simply increasing overall health.

Research shows that migraine sufferers have fewer and become less painful after three months of yoga practice. The cause of migraines isn’t fully understood, but it is suggested that could be a combination of mental stress and physical misalignment that create migraines and other issues.

Studies have found that 12 weeks of yoga can improve sexual desire, arousal, performance, confidence, orgasm and satisfaction for both men and women. Physically, yoga increases blood flow into the genital area, which is important for arousal and erections and strengthens the mula bandha.

Researchers from Harvard found that eight weeks of daily yoga significantly improved sleep quality for people with insomnia. This can be attributed to yoga’s ability to help people deal with stress

Ashtanga yoga is a journey, not competition or expectation of achievement.

The great thing about ashtanga yoga is that we continue to improve through life, and age has nothing to do with ability in yoga. Indeed, practicing ashtanga yoga daily into our senior years is a goal to aspire to as it will keep you fit, confident, strong, flexible, mentally and physically balanced, and self-disciplined.

Ashtanga yoga is great for cleaning your immune system. By daily sweat you'll start throwing away toxins from your body. In the first six months of the practice you may be constantly on the verge of sickness. In my case, when I started seriously to practice ashtanga yoga, drinking a cold bottle of water had caused me a throat inflammation. All that'll be gone in a six months.

Daily practice of ashtanga yoga will take a lot of your free time. You need 90 minutes at least for the practice: 10 minutes to shower before practice, 60 minutes to perform the practice and 20 minutes shower after the practice. You also need to eat fresh fruits after the practice and I clean your mat.

I don't say to my friends these things when I encourage them to start ashtanga yoga. This is something they will discover by themselves once they fell in love with ashtanga yoga. That’s most important.

Friday, November 25, 2016

F*ck You If You Don't Like Christmas

Every time at the beginning of December, a debate start up over whether people should be wishing each other "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays". On social media I am witnessing this crazy upheaval, the Christian angst, because certain businesses are saying “Happy Holidays,” instead of “Merry Christmas”. I admit it, I am not surprised about this competition... just one more? — better job, better position, better house, more noble ideas, more perfect images of yourself and of course better Christmas greetings.

Today is Black Friday, everywhere you look in Toronto, you will find rush and busyness, shopping fever and stress. At work, in this period everyone is rushing to put an end to the projects of this year in order to start fresh the new year to come. It is a busy time. In subway people with freshly packed gifts, look seemingly happy. 

You can feel it, Christmas is just around the corner. The topic of conversations in most homes is "What am I getting for Christmas?" Presents, gifts, good wishes, remembrance... celebration of family... nice delicious dinner and long talks about past and future. Christmas spirit. Jingle Bell, jingle bell...

Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas! It is amazing. Everything from Santa Clause and Frosty to boring Christmas songs, played everywhere. The whole "the time of giving" is wonderful. Time of giving? Give what? Give to your relatives and friends more useless shit that they don't need? 

Christmas time is for the change.  EMBRACE THE CHANGE. Love life, LOVE THE WORLD! Let's get together and change it one hug at a time! Burn some incense, do yoga! Save trees, save animals, eat ORGANIC, shit in toilets!

I love CHRISTMAS, the LIGHT and HAPPINESS, it’s good for my heart, which opens once a year when I've healed from painful things. I do MEDITATION and I BREATHE, it’s not just good for my body, it is okay for the mind too, it helps me get sober from last night — and TO BE PRESENT and remember that my life is full of ABUNDANCE.

Yes, PRANA on Christmas. I've heard that breathing is healthy. Particularly breathing in and out, it went so well for me. I'm GRATEFUL. Really.

BREATHE deeply and fuck you if you don't like Christmas!!!
(like you have a choice to do anything else)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The greatest danger to humanity

The single and the greatest danger to humanity is actually degeneration of human consciousness. It is thinking about things that lowers our IQ, harms our cognitive functions, makes us robot like creatures... the things that leads to depression and apathy.

Every December the planet Earth becomes a giant shopping mall. The buy and sell mentality is squeezing out the last reminders of human consciousness. Mankind, driven by greed, has become extremely sick.

The crooked political system, distorted entertainment industry, false news and advertisements, phony medical and pharmaceutical industry, dishonest food industry, travel and working conditions, constant wars and lost of basic human rights are our reality.

Humankind has been aspiring to be machine for a few decades now and eventually the effects of this aspiration becomes more and more apparent as toxins build up everywhere...

The Kardashians

Human society is based on dominance and naturally takes the form of Kim Kardashian's ass with few at the top and most at the inside. We live in a system based on her hips, breasts and eyelashes. Her attributes are the omens of our culture.

People seek Kim's attributes, as the form of entertainment. The Kardashians lead a life of laughter, frivolity, and fun. Their fans, mostly teenagers are led to believe in such life which actually hides the realities of poverty, drugs, disease, prostitution and porn.

The Kardashians and they wholesome life ideals represents natural consequence of the fall of humanity. Behind their laughing faces and beneath their skirts lies anger from all the world to see. They are here spreading the misery but they don't feel so much of it, their skin is hard, while they are on the other side of the tube enjoying in the juices of their reality.

Mickey Mouse and Disneyland

Disneyland is the archetype of a robotic city. A city in which illusion is reality, in which the hopes and dreams are realized. Everything at Disneyland is a warm and friendly, laughter and joy, imagination and creativity. People don't cry in Disneyland. They are directed in ordered currents and flows. They follow arrows, they stand in lines. Disneyland is, in miniature, the ideal future for humanity. Rules are obeyed because there is no alternative.

The logic of Disneyland is fucking nuts and madness is quite sane there. As Charles Bukowski said Mickey Mouse had a greater influence on the public than Shakespeare, Milton, Dante, Rabelais, Shostakovich or Van Gogh. Which say "What" about the public.

New Age Bullshit

The New Age ideology is so popular at present time, "spiritual but not religious" concept has gained enormous rise with the social media. The critical thinking and honest observation, spiritual exploration and personal development are not part of the New Age.  The New Age spirituality is naive, misleading, false.

The New Age is like a sponge that wants to absorb all religions, and beliefs from different cultures into one spiritual, economical, unified system just like the world trade and commerce. It is just another invention of neo-liberals in their global madness. It is a multi-billions business that make people self-satisfied and peaceful. People are been mislead to believe that if you pay attention to something that is harmful simply by asking the questions and becoming aware of it is something very bad. They say, you should never pay attention to, or talk about anything that is "negative".

They categorize anger as the "negative" thing, and instead they promote replacing it with feelings of peace, love and light.  As the result you have current apathy and passivity to the injustices happening in today's world.

The New Age spirituality has twisted and abused spiritual practices to take your mind off the fact that you have been enslaved, and make it easy for you to just accept the current condition of the world as your lot in life. Shutting out your resistance is a good way to ensure that you will never take action to try to change the things that are wrong with the world.

...close your eyes, and envision a glowing light in infinite space. Now breathe in slowly, counting backwards from 10. Energy pulses along your spine. Exhale, and imagine a second light fills your head. Feel happiness, feel others, feel human connection and love...

Zombies aren't real. But you are moving towards that direction. This terrifying future for people lead by The Kardashians, three-fingered bustard Mickey Mouse, robotic city of Disneyland and New Age ideology will eventually create humans unable to think in a rational manner. Humans suddenly very much resembling zombies.

Nah. Couldn’t happen. Could it?