Friday, November 25, 2016

F*ck You If You Don't Like Christmas

Every time at the beginning of December, a debate start up over whether people should be wishing each other "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays". On social media I am witnessing this crazy upheaval, the Christian angst, because certain businesses are saying “Happy Holidays,” instead of “Merry Christmas”. I admit it, I am not surprised about this competition... just one more? — better job, better position, better house, more noble ideas, more perfect images of yourself and of course better Christmas greetings.

Today is Black Friday, everywhere you look in Toronto, you will find rush and busyness, shopping fever and stress. At work, in this period everyone is rushing to put an end to the projects of this year in order to start fresh the new year to come. It is a busy time. In subway people with freshly packed gifts, look seemingly happy. 

You can feel it, Christmas is just around the corner. The topic of conversations in most homes is "What am I getting for Christmas?" Presents, gifts, good wishes, remembrance... celebration of family... nice delicious dinner and long talks about past and future. Christmas spirit. Jingle Bell, jingle bell...

Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas! It is amazing. Everything from Santa Clause and Frosty to boring Christmas songs, played everywhere. The whole "the time of giving" is wonderful. Time of giving? Give what? Give to your relatives and friends more useless shit that they don't need? 

Christmas time is for the change.  EMBRACE THE CHANGE. Love life, LOVE THE WORLD! Let's get together and change it one hug at a time! Burn some incense, do yoga! Save trees, save animals, eat ORGANIC, shit in toilets!

I love CHRISTMAS, the LIGHT and HAPPINESS, it’s good for my heart, which opens once a year when I've healed from painful things. I do MEDITATION and I BREATHE, it’s not just good for my body, it is okay for the mind too, it helps me get sober from last night — and TO BE PRESENT and remember that my life is full of ABUNDANCE.

Yes, PRANA on Christmas. I've heard that breathing is healthy. Particularly breathing in and out, it went so well for me. I'm GRATEFUL. Really.

BREATHE deeply and fuck you if you don't like Christmas!!!
(like you have a choice to do anything else)

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