Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cheers to new readers of my blog!!!

For all those new readers that recently started to read my blog... Welcome!!! I write here about the awakening, yoga and Pizza Hut, McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

As I walk through this world searching for light in the darkness of dating insanity I ask myself is all hope lost? Is there only pain and hatred, and misery? I can hardly believe my eyes any more; the relationships are all so fucking packed to hide its shallowness and meaninglessness. The truth is simple... Nothing is true.

I am not saying that I know something. I know nothing. I don’t have the answers, about divorce, dating, relationships, single moms, losing belly or why are women over 45 losing interest for sex... and I get irritated when I read other people putting themselves out there as gurus, therapists, or doctors.

I write gibberish with a bad grammar. Take it as that. But I'll continue to challenge your most common, widely accepted, beliefs. You are bound by your own concepts and notions. I want you to think. If you cannot handle my posts, so be it. But please do not read these posts from perspective of right or wrong, it is not important, really, by time, you will see that you and I are wrong about everything. And that is the meaning of life.

Everything in this world is fake. 

In the last three years, my life is full with the stories of bad relationships. I'm not so young but I'm carefree and a bit crazy. I admit, I have a flaw perception of intimacy; so much so that the very phrase "make love" makes me uncomfortable. I mean, honestly, who says that?! To me it a thing for flowery romance novels; It is not for me.

I'm a bold and simple! I’m a man unafraid of sexuality, and not afraid to tell a woman I'm seeing that I want her, that I desire her; that I want to enjoy her nakedness and have sex with her.

And that’s what I do.

It took me some time, but I finally know the answer to the question. I don’t make love. I have sex. I get laid. I fuck...

Ok calm down. 😉

I'm  returning into regular daily routine.

I woke up at 6 a.m. and I just finished the 4th yoga practice of this week. Although I have deleted all phone numbers of my former girlfriends I still keep the one. Last night I contacted her, I want to meet her for the weekend.

She is a divorced single mother with small kids. She is torn between several identities – that of a loving, attentive mother, hard working, busy, business woman and that of a single woman.

True, I have not seen her in the last six months but we text each other, we send smileys and kisses once per week and we talk on the phone once a month but guess what? She brushed me off so fiercely...

Really, what did I expect?

Dating single moms with small kids is a headache. 

Dealing with single baby mamas is a recipe for drama, and more drama. They may promise to come on time, after or before work, but in the last moment always something happen and they excuse running late or not coming at all. Seriously, are they worth of this grief? They life is stranded, should I join them in their misery?

Make no mistake, if you decide to date a single mom, there are compromises that you are going to make that are far more of a price for the simple fuck. Whether or not they admit it, single moms view men as a meal ticket; the relationship is often a mask for their own selfishness. They are too exhausted from juggling work, kids, and who knows what else. They bitch about not having enough time for meeting you, not enough time for sleep and not enough support from their ex-spouse.

Their schedule is never open. Simply put, you are not a priority. You're behind, her kid, her job and the kitchen sink. They are emotionally unavailable; be sure she cannot fall in love with you because her primary focus is somewhere else. As it is so obvious, you will be seeing her only for sex but certainly you cannot avoid get sucked into her life.  

Oh well I said too much, I will stop here, we have just run out of time.

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