Wednesday, December 7, 2016

If you find me charming...

it means that right now you’re in a good mood, nothing else!

The whole relationship thing? I'm over it. Yeah, I said it. Do you need a relationship because you feel lonely? Sorry, I don't understand you, I'm done with that nonsense. I should clarify - It's not having a casual sex that I am over. It’s using it as an excuse to be in relationship that I am just so sick. It is so shitty to see so many people holding hands and talking stupidities just to fill out the time between two sexual encounters.

Anyway, back to the main theme of my post... I am back to online dating. Yesterday the women started to react on my profile. I copy/paste the blog post 77 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex on a First Date, made it my profileand naturally the women started to contact me...

I'm loyal, considerate, sensible, trustworthy, respectful, good listener, generous to a fault, helpful, heart of gold, devoted, funny, kind.  Looking for - a guy who loves life, stays fit and lives a healthy lifestyle, non-smoker, preferably no kids, open minded, trustworthy, protective, strong, witty, dedicated, no older than 48, likes to travel,  - a woman, 42 years old, profile from

Yes, she winked, then she liked one of my photos and emailed me about it. I read her profile. A self-described "spiritual but non-religious." Couple years younger than me, similar backgrounds, tall, wiry, pretty face if she actually looks like her photo. And quite well-figure. Why not contact!

And this is how bullshit starts... email, exchange of some quasi philosophy...

I don't believe in The One in online dating affairs. It all starts with excitement, text messages and waiting for Friday and it is nice in the beginning, but it doesn't last. Online dating has no "middle", it is only the beginning and end. It doesn't matter how long "The beginning" takes...a date or 10 dates.

In my experience on I've seen it all. Women claiming to have trust issues, a laundry list of needs, wants and demands in a man. Unrealistic considering what they have to offer.

They all have self-respect, they want to see the world but if somebody else pays the expenses, they have children or a pet who are on the first place in their life and they look for a man who will make them laugh etc.. And all of them, no exceptions, are saying that they are looking for a long term relations and not looking for a sex. Hm... Come'n're on a dating site dude.

The relation of man vs women on is 10:1 so they can be very selective. Lets face it: as a women you just have to smile and you got 10 guys putting comments and asking to meet. For women, the online dating is like shopping for new table in their dining room but at some point they have to see their perfect match in person to know if it’s a good fit...and there comes the real truth.

I am sorry for those women on the match. They have too many choices which lead them to indecision and unhappiness with their selection. I have noticed at the first sign of a disagreement they are back on the dating site looking around again, unwilling to accept any imperfections. Hello honey, people are imperfect!!!

What's the point for online dating? 
We only find someone to lose them later.

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