Friday, January 6, 2017

10 Signs of Awakening

In reality, nothing has ever happened. To understand truth, the world has to be left as it is. Even I say that all this is false, yet I indulge in it. That shows my doubts and spiritual immaturity.

There are only two things in the world; world (perception) and existence (awareness). To take interest in what has happened is to get involved in worldly affairs. That leads to nowhere.

Illusion is nothing. However much I may have achieved in the dream, yet all is false.

Here are the 10 signs of awakening:

1. Self - Awareness!
  At all time be aware of "I AM sense". Separate the sense of existence from thoughts and words.

2. Abandon all further spiritual search

The spiritual knowledge and teachings is actually ignorance. "I must do this, I must do that" is all working of Illusion, just to fool you. The key of crossing the bridge lies in DOING JUST NOTHING.

All the happiness. misery, worry or anxiety are included in dreamstate. Do nothing.

3. Detachment

Detach yourself from others. Stand alone.

Do things that must be done, don't engage in something new. To do something is restlessness of the personality -  identification with the body. It is the habit of ignorance, the habit of engaging in some activity all the time. Leave things as they are.

4. Stop being angry

Investigate why something insults you and be completely free of anger. Keep inner balance, be quiet, don't feel insults. The surge of anger indicates your habit of wanting to dictate some things to others.

5. Forgive others and move on

Forgive those who harass you. Never harbor hatred in the mind. Desire to take revenge results only in misery. Do not create enemies, rather forgive and move on.

6. Compassion

Be kind to all. Compassion is not being cruel to anybody.

7. Good wishes to others

Wish happiness to all people.

8. Absence of greed

Don't be greedy, not even for spiritual knowledge.

9. Largeness

Humor, flexibility, be "large" from the very core of your heart. Act with lightness, humor, radiate energy of happiness and let others take it, enjoy whatever you are doing.

10. Fearlessness

To leave the world as it is, is the great act of courage. Fear underlines misery. Know who you are, maintain awareness of the self and enjoy the existence. You are already free and behave like that.

These are signs of awakening. To be the one with true nature is real happiness. Be happy and leave others as they are. Do not judge them, don't gossip anybody and don't consider their actions as important.

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