Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Can you read this to the end?

Why don’t you read to the end?
I understand, you're too busy. ;-)

For every three people who landed on my blog, one of you is already gone. You "bounced" in web language, meaning you spent no time on the blog at all. So now there are two of you left. But not for long! When you come to the point in the post where you have to scroll to see more, of the two of you who didn't bounce, one is never going to scroll this page. Bye! Thanks for visiting!

Writing a blog is an interesting experience. I don’t have the answers, about human existence, yoga practice, divorce, dating, losing belly or why are women losing interest for sex... and I get irritated when I read other people putting themselves out there as self-help gurus, therapists, or doctors. However, by writing this blog, I have learned lot of things, the one in particular, people are ignorant of what matters.

On the bottom of this page I have StatCounter, an invisible html gadget, which records visitors clicks. It generates statistics and sometimes I look to see what's going on. The largest number of clicks have the posts about my daily life, yoga posts have received reasonably good attention while posts about awakening are the least visited and the posts about meaning of life are not visited at all. It should be the other way around.

So many of you come to this blog, mostly you read only one article. Well, I don't write according to people's expectations. English is not my mother's language but I try to write in a direct way. My ideas are based on simple truth - everything is FAKE. In the beginning people like what they read but couple posts later they change their mind. Whatever.

I'm 52. I have no time to be afraid anymore. I don't want anything from anybody. Writing about awakening I'm fulfilling my part in this global awakening process. This planet is a gigantic chicken coop, run by few families greedy for power and prestige. The rest of us are slaves living our pity life. People have to wake up.

Our slavery is forced taxation, where our work income is automatically taken out before we ever see it, regardless of whether or not we approve of how the money is spent. We lend money to corrupt politicians influenced by corrupt ideologies. We work hard just to pay bills; doing so, we lose the best years of our life.

We are born sane but spoiled by education, influenced with the values of money, hypocrisy, self-calming, empty talking, vanity and self-love... and words. We are satisfied with words, just with words. It’s sad. We use words like "awesome" and "wonderful" like it is toilet paper or something. It is awesome? It is wonderful? We use the word "amazing" to describe fucking burger at McDonald’s.

Whom to blame? We have been programmed from early age by mother, father, relatives, education, society... from TV, news and mainstream media. They teach us to be submissive to phony authorities; they feed us with pictures on the screen that we think we are better than the rest of our species.

The present situation is not a punishment. It is a natural consequence of a state of affairs, just as it is a natural consequence of being a chicken to sometimes get eaten by a fox. The worst thing on which our slavery rests is our suggestibility and tendency to wishful thinking.

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, in his book The Future of an Illusion, wrote a theory that human's life is a frightening world full of calamities and, ultimately person experience a terrifying fear of death. As a child looks to his father for comfort so adults do the same thing with regard to God. Out of fear and a desire to be protected people believe in an imaginary father figure...

I agree with Freud's observation about wishful thinking regarding God. You see, there is an enormous contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his beliefs. People stick to their systems of beliefs, ideas of good and evil, social values. They set up hopes and expectations and dreams of success and they face their own failures. During their existence they have made themselves covetous, greedy and coward.

People are cowards to ask about meaning and purpose of life.

Nature seems to be a purposeless and meaningless machine. Did we pay for our new mental freedom by sacrificing the meaning of our existence? Partially knowledgeable man stands alone, uprooted in an icy universe, lost in the chain of generations which arose from nothing, and become nothing. What is the purpose of it all? Is this the desired purpose of understanding, the last great answer to all questions asked of nature?

Man has “experimented” himself out of a Godly order, away from an inner feeling of security. . . . He has made a taboo of the question of the meaning of human life—its portal has been nailed shut with planks. He no more dares to touch it, because he fears to find the dismal answer that our life has no meaning at all.

- Carsten Bresch

I have had a fair share of shitty experiences and my entire life journey has led me to this very moment in time. I am okay with this simple but terrifying truth.

Thank you for reading. 💗

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