Saturday, January 14, 2017

Learning mindful meditation

Man, you've got it all wrong,
there's no creator or creation here,
no gross and fine, no wind or fire,
no sun, moon, earth or water,
no word, no flesh, no faith,
no cause and effect, 
not any thought of knowledge. 
No God or devil.
No mother, father or son here.
Meditate now, you are master,
and you're a follower.

I tried practicing mindful meditation but... seriously. It has been a subject of confusion and frustration for me since quite some time now. When I think about meditation, I know there's something there, but when I do it, I can't seem to find it.

Frankly, I don't know what the hell mindful meditation is.

So I watched the movie HOW TO MEDITATE from Ultra Spiritual Guru JP Sears. This is what I learned...

Meditation carries life changing scientifically proven benefits such as increasing your levels of harmony, it makes you more in tune, rises your frequency, makes you more yogi - like, repairs your karma, helps you be more centered and of course, meditation helps you be more ultra spiritual.

The peace and tranquility you get from meditation stay with you entire day as long as everything stays the same, I mean things are quiet and controlled as it does during your meditation. (Which should not be a problem, really.)

The length of time you meditate is based of what will impress other people the most. The length of time you tell people how long you meditate is loosely correlated of how long you actually meditate. It is not necessary correlated - it is what you tell the people not what you do, that impressing them, just like old saying - words always speak louder than actions. Action has no voice.

Impressing them... well, it is not about really "impressing" at all, it is rather informing them that you are the better person than them.

Talking about meditation is crucial. But there is only one thing more boring than listening to yourself talking about your meditation practice... that's hearing other people talking about theirs meditation practice. It sounds illogical but listening how you sit quietly and peacefully for an hour is interesting to them but you hearing them talking about their meditation is torture.

If you meditate and nobody sees the picture of it, did you really meditate? No you didn't. You have to learn how to strategically post meditation pictures on social media. Sitting posture is everything.

If you meditate on the chair, you actually wasting your life. You are about foot and a half above of the earth as well you may as well be out of space, you are ungrounded, you may get zero benefit from your meditation. You need to sit on the ground with your legs crossed enduring the pain in the legs, hips and knees.

Meditate with the sunrise. Get up at 4 am every morning to start your day with solid 3-4 hours of meditation. Such practice unleashes the volcano of energy which will carry you through the rest of your day. It is a way more effective thing to do than sleep.

Now you're equipped to meditate.

And then, if you're lucky comes the realization - When you for a brief moment, of course in meditation, see that the "you", that, what you take yourself to be, is a fiction – when you actually recognize this, not just intellectually agree with it but actually see it – what happens? ....... nothing.

Nothing actually happens.

The "you" full of fear and emotions and delusions remain firmly in place.

Well, not so firmly as before seeing it, but you still get caught up being fearful and selfish although you might understand the fiction of it. You may start recognizing your life as a drama, and that does bring some relief.

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