Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend, as it is seen on ...

It's been two years since my mother died at age of 72. She was strong and beautiful woman. She loved me the most. I was her favorite and we had a special bond between us. My sister is my father's favorite. In our family, we laughed about this division. My mother's death changed me forever. I'm not the same as I was before her death. In concrete ways, I see life as a meaningless thing, just as a fleeting dream.

Very nice weekend. I broke up with the Dreamer last Tuesday but she kept sending me text messages. I told her everything that bothers me and we talked on the phone for hours. We realized that we have feelings toward each other and that we should continue our relationship, she came on Saturday and slept over at my place. In the morning we went for a breakfast and long walk at High Park.

We're planning to go for a vacation, probably in Cancun in the end of January. I am excited for a trip. I'm searching for the right resort and her confirmation for the exact days when we can go. We have to schedule our vacation first at work and then she has to provide kids care and only then we can buy all inclusive package. The price for Mexico vacation is went up due to low canadian dollar.

My plan for this year's vacation includes this trip to Cancun with the Dreamer at the end of January, and then in August a trip back home to visit my father and sister, I'm planning to stay there about three weeks and then one more trip either to caribbean destination or to Barcelona, somewhere in September or October. It is a wonderful plan and for someone who does not like to travel it is quite enough.

According to my 2017 resolution I have already learned to cook two dishes: Musaka which is potato and ground meat and cooked beans. I really have a touch for cooking and I'm very pleased with the learning progress. I made dinner for my friends last night. We were drinking beer and eating fresh cooked beans with dry meat. I cooked the beans for about 7 hours in a  slow cooker. The dinner was great and my friends took more than a plate which is a good sign. The next meal I'm going to learn is Djuvec...

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