Sunday, February 26, 2017

Whatever happens there... stays there

Here I am, on Sunday, February 26th, at the end of a beautiful weekend. Fortunately, I can say everything came into right place for me and the Dreamer. Guess what, this relationship with no future turned out to be a very exciting one Since Montego Bay vacation we become very close and we improved our intimacy on many levels.

She came on Friday evening. We went to watch 50 Shades Darker. It was a disappointing film, I don't recommend anyone to watch it, the first part was much better. We returned late from the cinema, sometime after midnight, and we ordered pizza and drunk beer. We went to bed around 3 am.

On Saturday morning we woke up late, after 10, and we had breakfast in the bed. She went to do some errands and she returned to my place in afternoon. I prepared for her a late lunch and then we had a nap. She slept, I didn't. I felt a deep connection with her I enjoyed being close and smell her body.

We got up around 7, and went to Ikea. I bought new linen and cover sheets. I like changing things in my apartment. The Dreamer helped me to chose right color combination for the bed sheets, she has a very good taste for such things.

We returned from Ikea, around 9 p.m, prepared dinner, chicken nuggets, and we opened the first bottle of wine. I put the new linen and cover sheets to wash... We talked and laughed. We were supposed to go to Fregata club at Dundas, we had the reservation for a dinner there but we decided not to go. When I opened the second bottle of wine we turned the music louder and we start dancing...

The linen was dried by 1 a.m. and we made the bed. The picture does not really show it but it's looking really good. At present, my bedroom is painted in light green and I want to change it to dark gray. So this is a project for next weekend.

We went to sleep this morning around 3:30... We were a bit drunk and we had a wonderful time. I love her. I like to be with the Dreamer, most of the time she is full of problems with her life but when she is relaxed she is so adorable and funny and sweet.

We got up at 10:30 and we had fruits and pasteta for breakfast. She left home one hour ago. I am going to meet my friend for a coffee today afternoon, to get the metropass for next month. And tonight at 7 I am going for a birthday party. Nice weekend.

UPDATE: Friday, March 3, 2017

I am on vacation. There is no so much work, I am awaiting UAT code promotion for my project so I took two days off. Yesterday, I bought a vacuum cleaner and prepared the bedroom for painting. Last night I painted it into light gray. Job.... done!

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