Saturday, March 11, 2017

Daylight saving time bullshit

Tomorrow daylight saving time starts. At 2 am, we are moving one hour forward. I don't get the spring forward time change shit. It is still the same amount of daylight and just because someone decided to shift forward an hour it does make the day as if it is somehow longer by an hour. It is simple bullshit.

I think some people may even believe the day is magically longer because of the clock change. I guess it's because they are never up before sunrise. I notice the difference in the mornings more than I do the evenings because I am up and out before sunrise every day.

Does this and everything else in this world have a meaning?

People do not care about the meaning of things. You see, the survival is at stake, when the events of each day carry a sense of urgency, the meaning of those events is irrelevant.

Everyone who is born eventually dies. No exception. Why this struggle, misery and suffering? Everywhere around me there is the struggle for money, for survival, for position and power, the unending process of proving self-existence.

I have stopped searching for these answers. I put all my efforts toward myself in the most selfish way. There is no truth to be found. We are here for a short period of time in order...(fill out whatever you want). Life events have no meaning unless you want to fool yourself.

I have concluded this in December 2014, while I was sitting besides my mother in hospital. She was dying from liver cancer. She was sleeping in a bed unconscious, I was beside her and I was thinking about her life... and I have seen mine. I realized, that life is given to us for no reason. Life is not serious at all...

The Dreamer came last night around 6:30.

She brought 2 l of wine and two packs of beer. We ordered dinner, hot Thai food. We enjoyed watching Vanilla Sky movie while we cuddle in bed. Outside is -13 C and it is windy and very cold. She went to do some errands and she will be back soon. We have a plan to go for dinner tonight...

She's strong. She's comfortable on her own. She shows her love not with words, but with romantic gestures. She's been swayed in a boring marriage for a way too long, and she doesn't have a tolerance for bullshit. Which is a good thing because I don't have time to waste too. I mean, I could be a gigolo man. Hahaha. 😊

In September last year, when I was on, I received a hilarious message. A woman from established and legit escort organisation, wanted to interview me for a male escort position, a fucking gigolo.

A gigolo is a male escort who is supported by a woman in a relationship. Gigolo is expected to provide companionship, to serve a woman with good manners and social skills, and often, to serve as a dancing partner as required by the woman in exchange for the support. The relationship includes sexual services as well...

Hello there. I hope you are having a fantastic day! I cam across your profile and wanted to reach out because you absolutely fit the profile my boss was searching for this week.

I work for a very credible lifestyle and introduction firm in Toronto that only deals with successful high level professionals and entrepreneurs, and I am sure she would want to speak with you to see if you are a good fit for out client. I wanted to see if there were any potential gentlemen here that would be interested in meeting some of our extraordinary and attractive female clients.

You certainly have a great look which fits the mild we are searching for and I would love to know more. I would be happy to have you call me or I can email you and give you our website so you can see we are legit. I can't leave info here as it is a conflict for the dating site and I might get kicked off. :) 

Are you open to meeting someone amazing?

I replied briefly with "Not interested". And then I started dating the Dreamer. My career as a gigolo has not started, I suppose if it did I would have a lot more to write here... LOL

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