Sunday, January 21, 2018

So it begins... The greatest shitstorm of your time

It is Sunday, January 21, 2018... last night I was awake while dreaming.... I mean, for a brief moment, I knew that I was dreaming. When I opened my eyes the first though was "I am still dreaming, just this dream is a long, consistent one..." For a brief moment I knew everything. What I knew, I don't know, but it was so obvious.

Do you know how you live? You live like a slave, like a mindless robot going through the motions of life, but not really alive.

If you think you're free because you've some fancy alternative beliefs and outlook, you eat healthy, you do yoga, you don't smoke, you don't eat meat, you have an alternative business and you don't watch TV... The alternative lifestyle doesn't make you different from the rest of the crowd. You're only dreaming that you're different. You don't recognize this so no solution is sought and no hope for change exists.

Spirituality is the cause of your failure. You don't see what's perfectly obvious. You meditate to get rid of stress and to have a happy future. Smoke and mirrors! The true goal of meditation is to keep you fooled, to maintain your self-deception. That's why your happiness is ill-defined: it's not about attaining it, it's about pursuing it.

You think that a "soul" or a "spirit", is necessary to do what you do and live as you live. But perhaps it is just enough to have a key for winding up the spring of your mechanism. Your daily portion of food help to wind up and renew your purposeless web of associations again and again. From this background separate thoughts are selected with attempt to connect them into a whole and pass them off as a valuable and as your own.

You pick up feelings and sensations, moods and experiences and out of all this you create the mirage of inner life, call yourself conscious and reasoning being, talk about God, about eternity, about eternal life and other "high" matters. You speak about everything imaginable, judge, discuss, define, evaluate but you omit to speak about yourself, about who you really are, about your real value, for you are convinced that if there is anything lacking in you, you can acquire it, you can learn it from a teacher...

Alice came to a fork in the road.

"Which road do I take"? she asked.
"Where do you want to go"? responded the Cheshire cat.
"I don't know." Alice answered.
"Then", said the cat. "it doesn't matter".

- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Why aren't you going anywhere? Because you're convinced yourself that you are going somewhere. Because your guru, spiritual master and adviser tells you you are. You pick your teacher. You get what you wish for. You want cozy, uninterrupted sleep and the dream of spiritual progress, and that's what you get.

The world is full of respected and beloved spiritual and religious teachers. People ask them questions and they provide answers: question and answer, question and answer, on and on, talk and more talk, more like spiritual therapy than spiritual warfare, but all questions, no matter how sincere or heart-felt, are really the same question, Outward?, and all answers, no matter how profound or wise, are really the same answer. Yes

The subtext of every question is. Am I making progress by asking questions and trying to understand the answers? And the subtext of every answer is. Yes, you are going somewhere while sitting here talking or reading. This is progress Be at peace. You are progressing and well-progressed. 

That's the obvious lie we want to hear and those who tell it most convincingly are the most respected and revered and sought after. 

- Spiritual Warfare, Jed McKenna

So who are those teachers that recently pop up like mushrooms after rain? They've gotten some glimpse of the transcendental state, a taste of lucidity, and it's like the most extraordinary thing to them. They wrote a book or two. They set up presentable website or Facebook page. And they have followers. They proceed to tell you about their experiences and start teaching about the happiness, world peace, general health, prosperity, and so on.

You follow them so no wonder your spirituality is a race car without an engine. It looks very cool, but without an engine it can't take you anywhere. You can slip in behind the wheel and make engine sounds and turn the wheel and shift gears and pretend you're rocketing toward awakening. But when you get tired of it in ten minutes or ten years, you'll get out of this exactly where you got into it.

Awakening is neither no mind, blank mind, empty mind nor stopped mind. Awakening is not Nirvana. Nir means not or without and vana means a flame. Desire-less mind is an oxymoron. Awakening is not The Now. Awakening is neither the Oneness nor any other transcendental state, such states of consciousness are experiences. Awakening is not the Ethereal Bliss. Awakening is neither a special status nor some kind of attainment. Awakening is when you clearly see that knowledge, understanding, experience, the world, your life, your relationships... none of it, means anything. So it begins... The greatest shitstorm of your time.

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