Thursday, March 1, 2018

turn down for what?

In street language "turn down for what" is a question used by teenagers. "Turn up" is the act of getting drunk and high and being reckless so "turn down" means sobering up. Turn down for what? is really saying I am fucked up and I don't care no matter what. 

People identify and go crazy over celebrities

Movie stars are attractive. Desirable. Rich. Famous. Smart. People idolize them because, well, they want to be like them. I'm sure there's a ton of psychological studies to go with this, but for the most part, people are copying celebrities and intimately relate to them.

Hollywood. Media. Mass publicity. Group-think. Hero worship is a learned behavior. Children are encouraged to look for inspiration and they find role models, and they find it in celebrities. Unfortunately, false media dominates the world. Scientists and other real human heroes aren't known outside their fields, they are not famous.

Exactly, how many kids have been identified with Superman it is not known. Maybe a couple of generations at least. They grow up watching movies, reading cartoons, playing with plastic toys, wanting to be Superman...

There is the well known dark side of Superman story. The Superman curse refers to a series of supposedly related misfortunes that surrounds people involved in Superman, particularly actors who have played the role of Superman in film and television.

Many misfortunes are experienced by actors of Superman, so much so that some talent agents cite the curse as the reason for the difficulty in casting actors in the role in live-action feature films.

No one wants to be Superman anymore

Christopher Reeve played Superman (Clark Kent) in the Superman movie series, part I, II, III and IV. He was so closely identified with the character that it was difficult for him to acquire lead parts in other films, and was largely relegated to Superman sequels and supporting roles... He finished his life paralyzed from the neck down after being thrown from his horse in a cross-country equestrian riding event in 1995. He died ten years after due to heart failure stemming from his medical condition.

Other generations were growing up with the cool and cult movie The Matrix. Neo was a role model for many, many people. In meanwhile the main actor, Keanu Reeves, was going through incredibly difficult life. 

Keanu’s life has been full of tragedies. At the age of three, his father left their family. He attended four different high schools, struggled with dyslexia, making his education very challenging, eventually he left high school without earning a diploma.

At the age of 23, his closest friend died of a drug overdose. In 1999, the love of his life was pregnant with their daughter. But the child was stillborn, and they break up. 18 months later, his former love was killed in a car accident.

His sister had leukemia. He donated 70 percent of his money from The Matrix to hospitals that treat leukemia...

A brutal shock from a remarkable performer

Robin Williams was a superb stand-up comic with a staggering talent for improvisation. He was loved by so many and his movies are a great source of joy and entertainment. Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet Society etc... So when he hanged himself in his California home in August 2014, the news of his death was met with incomprehension around the world. Besides being a comedian, he clearly suffered from a deep depression.

The single and the greatest danger to humanity is actually degeneration of human consciousness. It is thinking about things that lowers our IQ, harms our cognitive functions, makes us robot like creatures... the things that leads to depression and apathy.

The crooked political system, distorted entertainment industry, false news and advertisements, phony medical and pharmaceutical industry, dishonest food industry, travel and working conditions, constant wars and lost of basic human rights are our reality.

Humankind has been aspiring to "turn up" for a few decades now and eventually the effects of this aspiration becomes more and more apparent as toxins build up everywhere...

I’m impressed by the rulers of this world. Turn down for what? is a not a random coincidental thing. Humanity, it seems, yearned for this kind of life in the age of Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, Kim Kardashian and New Age Ideology.

Human society is based on dominance and naturally takes the form of Kim Kardashian's ass with few at the top and most at the inside. We live in a system based on her hips, breasts and eyelashes. Her attributes are the omens of our culture.
Disneyland is the archetype of a robotic city. A city in which illusion is reality, in which the hopes and dreams are realized. Everything at Disneyland is a warm and friendly, laughter and joy, imagination and creativity. People don't cry in Disneyland. They are directed in ordered currents and flows. They follow arrows, they stand in lines. Disneyland is, in miniature, the ideal future for humanity. Rules are obeyed because there is no alternative.

The logic of Disneyland is fucking nuts and madness is quite sane there. As Charles Bukowski said Mickey Mouse had a greater influence on the public than Shakespeare, Milton, Dante, Rabelais, Shostakovich or Van Gogh. Which say "What" about the public. 

The New Age ideology is so popular at present time, "spiritual but not religious" concept has gained enormous rise with the social media. The critical thinking and honest observation, spiritual exploration and personal development are not part of the New Age.  The New Age spirituality is naive, misleading, false.

More and more people are moving towards that "turn down for what" direction. This terrifying future for all of us lead by The Kardashians, three-fingered Mickey Mouse, robotic city of Disneyland and New Age ideology will eventually make us unable to think.

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