Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Find your guru, your teacher, your spiritual path...

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Excuses, explanations and regrets are for those uninteresting, apologetic, spiritual but not religious people, for those afraid to laugh and cry, for those afraid to live. They are illogical, complex, and self-centered. It's very common for spiritual people to get offended by something. As if that something gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more than a self importance. I find that offensive has no meaning, has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. I am offended by this... so fucking what.

Laziness, pride and cowardice are the main characteristics of spirituality. Everybody wants to be loved, people want fame above all else, people want to be liked, to be admired. But how we came to this point?

To begin with I must say that practically never in history has spiritual awakening stood at so low a level as at the present time. It has lost all touch with its origin and its meaning so that now it is even difficult to define the term spiritual awakening: that is, to say what awakening is. And this is so in spite of the fact that never in history have there been so many spiritual movements, theories and so many spiritual writings.

Spiritual awakening is sometimes called a New Age science. This is quite wrong. Spirituality is, perhaps, the oldest science, and, unfortunately, in its most essential features a forgotten science. The spiritual awakening, except in modern times has never existed under its own name. For one reason or another spirituality always was suspected of wrong or subversive tendencies, either religious or political or moral and had to use different disguises...

What is spiritual awakening? You see, people as we know are not completed beings; nature develops us only up to a certain point and then leaves us, either to develop further, by our own efforts and devices, or to live and die such as we were born, or to degenerate and lose capacity for development.

We must understand that all people cannot develop and become different beings. Evolution is the question of personal efforts and in relation to the mass of humanity evolution is the rare exception. It may sound strange but we must realise that spiritual awakening is not only rare, but is becoming more and more rare.

Why cannot all people develop and become different beings? The answer is very simple. Because we do not want it. Because we do not know about it and will not understand without suffering what it means, even if we are told. To become a different being we must want it very much and we must see that we are not free. A passing desire or a vague desire based on dissatisfaction with external conditions will not create a sufficient impulse towards awakening.

And here we come at once to a very important fact. We do not know ourselves. We do not know our limitations and possibilities. We do not even know to how great an extent we do not know ourselves. We have all sorts of wrong ideas about ourselves. First of all we do not realize that they are actually in a prison.

What does it mean that we are in a prison? It means that we have no freedom whatsoever. We are in a prison which is brought into motion by world and society. All our actions, words, ideas, emotions, moods and thoughts are produced by external influences. By themselves, we are just an automatons with a certain store of memories of previous experiences, and a certain amount of energy.

We cannot move, think or speak of our own accord. We are marionettes pulled here and there by invisible strings. If we understand this, we can learn more about ourselves, and possibly then things may begin to change for us. But if we cannot realize and understand our utter mechanicalness or if we do not wish to accept it as a fact, we can learn nothing more, and things cannot change for us.

The world we experience is no more "out there" than are our dreams. This might come as a surprise to us, but it is more likely that we simply refuse to see it. And we don't see it because everything what we think is wrong. All things around us, what we take for granted, our day-to-day existence is largely a product of our imagination. Our memory, opinions and beliefs, how we see ourselves and others and even our sense of being free, are not as they seem. The power these delusions hold over us is staggering, yet, they are necessary to help natural function in the world. The world is supported by our "sleep" and the Nature does not want us to "wake up".

The New Agers, so called spiritual people, want to develop spiritually or grow closer to God, or go to Heaven, or raise their consciousness, or get enlightenment, obtain liberation - in short, they are moving, progressing. They are heading toward one point and away from another. But do they ever realize that the essence of their "sleep" is to consider themselves to be a process, to have past and future, to have history, to keep progressing somewhere...

Spiritual awakening is seeing the false as a false.  Truth cannot be seen. To see the false, we must question our beliefs. Of these the idea that we are the body with the consciousness is the worst. With the body comes the world, with the world - God, who is supposed to have created the world and thus it starts - fears, religions, bondage, spirituality, practice, sacrifices, all sorts of systems - all to protect and support "us", frightened out of our wits by monsters of our own making.

Find your guru, find your teacher, find your spiritual path...

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