Thursday, April 27, 2017

Saint George is my Patron Saint

The story of St. George

George was a Roman soldier who lived at the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth century. He was a good soldier of Rome and a faithful servant of Christ, but he had to chose between the two.  If he remained a soldier he would have to deny Christ and worship the gods of Rome. Then he would be allowed to live in peace. If he remained faithful to Christ he would have to disobey the Emperor and face the consequences.

George set out to the Emperor’s court to plead for the law to be changed. His friends begged him not to go. They could see it would end in his death. When he got the message the Emperor Diocletian refused to see George instead he was condemned to death. He was tortured and dragged though the streets of the city. Eventually he was beheaded. This happened on April 23rd. – St George’s Day.

So George was a great, brave man. Perhaps the story of his slaying a dragon is just a way of saying he stood up against the “dragon” of paganism and of tyranny. We can all learn from George. We all have our dragons – those bad things in our lives we need to struggle against – things like cruelty, unkindness, greed, laziness selfishness.

Sometimes we have to make a stand for truth or right or justice – even when it costs us. To speak up for the weak and the oppressed, not being afraid of being unpopular or appearing uncool because we stand up for what we believe.

In the past for seven years I had photos of Siddharameshwar Maharaj, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharshi hanging on the wall above my meditation place. I had put the photos in very nice frames. I used to bow down in front of each photo before I would start meditation. I consider that act of devotion to be of great importance. Then one day in October 2012, it just came to me to finish with that. I just took the photos down.

I faced the empty wall. For a long time I looked at the empty wall. Seven years the photos were there and now they were missing, The wall looked strange. And then something happened fear entered to my heart. I felt alone, really alone. I was facing my own emptiness.

Later that month, I remembered Gurdjieff and his explanation of St. George. St. George is not what legend said. It is deeply coded message to the seekers of the truth. Dragon is the ego, imagination, beliefs, ideas, concepts etc. St. George represents the mind, the horse is physical body (emotions) and the sword is discrimination.

I went to the church and bought St. George's icon. I put it on the wall. Now, I look at St. George every day. I don't see St. George there, I'm seeing a clear message... Why to worry, everything is nothing. How can nothing touch me?

When I forget the world, the objects around me, when your stop worrying about my relationships with others, when I feel just the presence of "I AM", I feel bliss and love. Then I forget everything, my concepts and the world. This is meditation.

Nothing is, nothing exists. The world is still here in front of me but it has no reality. That is what is called awakening, realization or self-knowledge. It is realization that the world is only illusion. St. George tells me to be strong and have fear of nothing and no one, for everything is nothing.

Real happiness is inside me, and it can not be found outside. In deep sleep I'm happy. I forget myself. Therefore, happiness lies in the forgetting of myself. My personality, my identity, is nothing but a rumor and to constantly remember that I need the courage - the capability to accept that all is illusion.

Nothing can touch me. The "I" is an illusion and what "I" thinks is also illusion. Whatever happens in the world, it is only my imagination, and in fact nothing ever happens, it is only a long dream. I should not be touched by passing appearances.

Happy Saint George's Day!

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