Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Corporate Yoga - The Stolen and Hijacked Yoga

The world has changed in recent days but not so much in regards to exploitation. We live in the times of  modern slavery. Today, the large corporations offer so called "benefits" to their employees. The benefits are seen as great opportunities to us, the key factors in choosing which company we will work for.

The one of the main employee benefits is workplace yoga and it is gaining unprecedented popularity. It is offered by almost all big banks and other large corporations such as Apple, Bell, A&E, HBO, to name just a few. I don't like the idea of bringing my mat and practicing this kind of yoga. The truth is that in all corporations of the world, political and economic systems are designed to benefit only the rich and powerful, at the expense of us, the those with less money and no power.

They steal our money, sacrifice us in their ever changing restructuring, fire us for petty mistakes, and crush us for speaking the truth. They know we don't like them. They don't care. They don't need to care. They also control most of our avenues of dissent. It's a very simple, very elegant design. This is how the modern society works, and I see no reason to think that the powerful don't already understand that. After all, they designed it; they maintain it.

Why are so many companies willing to spend bucks on providing workplace yoga?

After all, it takes away working hours and a yoga instructor, along with all the yoga equipment. Why would companies spend valuable resources to encourage employees to exercise? Perhaps because it helps employees de-stress right where they feel the most stressed – the workplace!

You see, sometimes we get angry and some stand up to tell the truth to the powerful. People have been telling them the truth for centuries expressing anger and despair. They shout and sing and cry and whine. They threaten. They plead. Sometimes they're beaten up, or sent to jail. It's a tradition of great courage and personal sacrifice, no doubt.

We all feel without telling them to stop using our money and our time and our energy and intelligence to further rob us. The workplace is what is it, the stress and politics in it's worst.  We're like angry but terrorized children. We tell them to be more respectful and compassionate. And, in the end,, we look to the powerful that they come to our aid.

So they came with fantastic idea. Studies by the American Heart Association have found that those who do yoga regularly are calmer than those who don’t. The powerfull know that in addition to improving flexibility and physical fitness, yoga has been known to be one of the most effective exercises in reducing stress. They are very much interested in improving productivity, efficiency, concentration, and boosts creativity of their slaves. They offer the corporate yoga which in turn, increases job satisfaction, mindfulness, and improves the overall well being of slaves aka employees.

It is clear why corporations are willing to provide workplace yoga - it reduces employee turnover and produces happier, more satisfied slaves with higher productivity and enhanced creativity. Everyone loves a win-win situation, and workplace yoga is just the thing you need to improve both company culture and the overall productivity of the organization.

But, we are not children, and they are not our parents. We're not little people and they are not big people. We're not insignificant and they are not significant. In fact, we do not need them. They are very few. We don't need to rush out to tell the few that they are abusing us - the many. They already know that. We need to stand upright and walk out to tell to the other coworkers that they are being slowly devoured by the few, for incredibly, they do not know. We need to look to each other and tell the truth - for we are the answer.

But the rich and powerful have convinced us that we cannot and we must not communicate with the people we can see and hear and touch, right here, right now. They have convinced us that we need to travel to corporate office to persuade our bosses and directors to change our world for us. The corporations and media talk on, endlessly, hypnotically, and convince us that if we just follow our leaders, they'll improve our quality of life.

The benefit programs, they promise us, will fix that tiredness and unsatisfaction that we have, hundreds of emails a day and endless, slow talking, brainwashing procedures they impose on us. Workplace yoga not going to save us. The elites are too busy dividing us, setting us against each other, using every opportunity, every misgiving, every anxiety, however slight.

We're all looking in the wrong place for reason and compassion, justice and a place to do yoga. It's not anywhere to be found in the corporate world. Want to change the world? Tell the truth to your neighbour. Time to wake up, time to stand up. We're not children. We do not need to ask permission to live like sane, reasonable, thoughtful, compassionate human beings.

But no, the corporate culture isn’t interested in really helping us. It’s interested in keeping us stuck right where we are. Oppressed under a pile of debt and an absence of opportunity. It’s sad to watch people get manipulated so easily, but until people wake up and say enough, it’s only going to get worse. Namaste.

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