Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Once fallen off a cliff you don't need trail map anymore

New agers are pretty crazy people. The most dedicated of them will undergo all sorts of hardship in their search for whatever they’re searching for; they’ll eat row food, most of the time starving, they will freeze on snow, give away money and possessions, do yoga contorting themselves into pretzels, endure mind-numbing boredom of daily meditation, travel to foreign lands to visit interesting lama and much more, but the one thing they won’t do is look at yourself.

They think and the mind convinces them that they are inward-facing, but they really aren’t so no progress is made. Going inward is a process of self-destruction, whereas all what they do is pursuing some form of self-improvement.

As long as they stay pointed outward towards the Spirits, chakras and energy, and feel that they’re making progress toward some imagined ideal, they’ll fool themselves of awakening, but the only thing that can ever make a difference is seeing all that as false, and that’s what no one ever does.

In my experience, those who do go inward and do what is necessary to dismantle their personalities have begun the real process of awakening and they don’t need anyone else for anything, just as once you’ve fallen off a cliff you don’t need your trail map anymore.

To understand anything is very easy. The trick of deflating your personality is not to believe things you don’t know, okay? Once you do that then no more personality. You make up your personality just by believing things you don’t know. There is no personality, it is acquired thing. Hard to believe, I know.

To ask how you can be free of your body and reside in the world of Spirits is ridiculous. Why would you want to be free of your body? To me it seems wonderful to have a body. Look at all the wonderful things you can do with a body that you can’t do without one. Maybe on the fifth dimension don’t have a body, then that’s fine, then you can do other things, like watching grass growing, follow ocean's waves or galaxy moving, but now you have a body so you can do body things. Can you have sex without a body? I bet you can’t.

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