Thursday, May 11, 2017

Seeing life's imperfections perfectly

Whatever my life is, I face challenges over which I have some influence, yet I find myself subject to circumstances that I can’t control. The challenge that I have today is to live simple, stress-free, healthy life. I've decided to continue to write this blog. There will be no more section "relationship" and I will not write about my love-life.

I will not strive to impress anyone here on this blog. No more wasting time to prove something. Nothing needs to be proven. Sometimes I have to walk away from opinions of others, not because I don’t care, but because they don’t. I accept the fact that noone really cares about me. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s necessary.

I have no desire to make a difference in the world, I am only concerned how to live my life truthfully when everything around myself are lies and hypocrisy. Making a big difference in my life all at once is impossible, and the process of trying is useless and extremely stressful. However, small changes are entirely possible and usually fairly easy.

There are two different things in a good life – fleeting and enduring happiness. The fleeting happiness is derived from sensations, feeling good about food you have just eat, a glass of wine, material comfort or intellectual understanding, while the enduring happiness is attained through discrimination. At a first sight it might be difficult to make a difference one from the other, but as I am getting older it becomes vividly obvious what is superior. The discrimination, seeing false as false, keeps me through life’s ups and downs, a step away from my ever changing mind and delusions because through seeing falseness of everything I remain confident and at peace.

The ultimate point of view is that there is nothing to understand, so when we try to understand, we are only indulging in acrobatics of the mind. - Nisargadatta Maharaj

A bad day is just a bad day. It should be nothing more. Every day brings a new lesson and new possibilities. There is always a way to feel at peace, life and events may be terrible and inescapable at times.

When I read the old posts I realize that nearly all of my worries and anxious fears never came to existence – they were completely unfounded. So why not wake up and realize this right now? When I look back over the last few months, how many opportunities for joy did I destroy with needless worry and negativity? Although there’s nothing I can do about these lost joys, there’s plenty I can do about the ones that are still to come.

I find that it’s necessary to be consistent, to have visions, goals, daily, monthly, yearly, and some abstract goal, the one that is impossible to accomplish.  It’s just a matter of having it and let go of my worries and fears, of my rage and of my need to always be right and control others. Let go of my pretentiousness and my need to have everything my way. Underneath all these layers of nonsense I am a happy, productive person. When I start peeling this garbage and simply appreciate what I have, my life can be wonderful.

I have decided to continue to write this blog, to write about my willingness to change, seeing the life’s imperfections perfectly.

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