Monday, May 1, 2017

Next Saturday! Friends, Music, Beer, Food!

According to old, Gregorian, calendar the Saint George's Day is on May 6th, so I have decided to make a big party. Today, I have reserved a party room here in my condo, also I've ordered food, 6 kg of lamb and 6 kg of pork. I will have three kind of salads, my friends will help me regarding that.

I have called all my friends, the people I love to be with. It will be around 40 people and I made detailed plan what to buy for drinks: 1l whisky, 2l vodka, 60 cans of beer, 3l red wine and 1l of white wine. Coca cola, cranberry juice, orange juice etc..  A lot of work, I need to start bringing this stuff from Friday afternoon. I'll pick up the meat on Saturday at 12, the party starts at 7 p.m.

My friend Puraman is responsible for good music, he has all the equipment and I know we are in good hands. Great friends together, the food, booze and music... what else we need? My friends are great dancers and they always make every party a great success, so I have no doubt that will be for St. George's Day.

I am excited for the Saturday. It was a long time that we did not make a good party somehow we always end up in Kennedy's or Brydens that we forgot home parties. This week will pass quickly I have something to wait for. Life is full of wonders.

On another note, the April, the Month of Yoga, 30 Days Yoga Challenge, miserably failed. I had 16 yoga practices in April, average 45 minutes each, What to say? Tiredness, other interests, byssiness, all excuses for my laziness. I will not make any predictions for May. What for? Like I am following any plans.

The best lies about me are the ones I told. I am a master of self-deception. I fool myself into believing false things - I refuse to believe things that are true. In fact, I lie to myself about everything. Everything what I wrote in my previous posts proved to be untrue but I would rather not about it. I actually did everything quite opposite of my writings.

It is said that a vision, without a plan, is just a hallucination. And that is how I live. I'm not creating the events in my life, I'm simply settling for what shows up. If you are like most people I know, life for you is a constant battlefield. So I challenge you to relax and let life takes you without plans. I have learned that no matter how difficult the circumstances might appear, there's always a way out.

I have no plan and no vision for my future. So I am living a dream. A plan with a vision for future is just nice talking and endless source of suffering. The action is what counts, that's what I think but that is irrelevant... I don't want to sound like a motivational speaker. Do whatever f*ck you want to do, but try not to complain.

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