Friday, May 26, 2017

Without trust, you have nothing

Couple days ago, I was in Ka Chi restaurant. I ordered the food and while I waited for pick up, I observed two couples in front of me. Both couples were late 30s, maybe early 40s. One couple were kissing, whispering sweet nothings to each other, and other couple were sitting on opposite sides of a table and had pleasant discussion face to face like they didn't want to make the waitress uncomfortable.

I got idea for this post when I saw the man looking at the kissing couple and trying to reach a hand of the woman across his table. She politely pulled back her hand smiling gently. Obviously that was a date and she was into him, her eyes were smiling and she was happy, just it looked like she was not ready to show her feelings in public place.

Some women are not the greatest at expressing their emotions. Their sweetness is hidden and fragile. Such women appears strong and cold but somebody has to tell them that it is okay to be weak and to fall into partner's arms without fear of being vulnerable. I have observed the woman in Ka Chi very closely, she’s didn't only distance herself from her own emotions, she also did the same to the emotions of her partner. He pulled back and his smile disappeared for quite some time.

My order was brought, I paid and I left the restaurant, thinking...

There are two extremes in women behaviour... The touchy, touchy women who would say sweet things so easily and so often. They are so cuddly-like and make you feel heavenly loved and appreciated just to find out couple weeks later that they are doing the same thing with others too. And there are women who simply might not be able to say "I love you" at all, which of course create fights to their partners starting over tension that doesn't exist.

I am not trilled with neither of these two extremes. I really do not like that much touchy-touchy women. Also, I find not showing emotion to be a fairly unuseful skill, hiding the emotion makes them appear cold and unfeeling. However, after the divorce women have learned that keeping their emotions to themselves is a great way to decrease the odds of somebody being in a position to hurt them...

Life is weird. I mean, if you love someone, you should show that and be together, right? Well... not necessarily. It is the trust that is the foundation of all loving relationships. Without trust, you have nothing. If you cannot trust her, then you are wasting your time. Showing too much feelings or loving, but not showing feelings, is worthless consideration. Yes, you want to feel wanted and loved, but if there is not trust, what's the point?

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