Monday, May 22, 2017

You want just to have sex with me

Today's post comes on the end of this wonderful long weekend. I was four days off the work. I had a great time and feel happy. I am about to write what I have learned in my life...

However, I can not find a single thing I have learned in this life. What I understood at one time to be truth, later on, it proved as a total mistake. So I am wondering is there anything to be learned at all. For the first time in my life I don't really care about learning, growing, or becoming better person. This letting go is one of the gorgeous gifts of my spiritual work.

It looks like I am about to get all metaphysical so I have to cut the crap. I've observed that the sexual attraction is a bottom line of everything. It is behind power, money and it is certainly the cornerstone of every relationship. And the relationships make up the society.

The first question every woman asks herself is Does he want to have relationship with me, or does he just wanna fuck me? They see men as manipulative, sex-obsessed liars, and they never believe in their true intentions. You want just to have sex with me... Sorry to be a downer, but I do think it is worth nothing if the relationship is without sex. If you like other person, the best bet is to stick around and have a lot of sex and really get to know each other.

Man is never JUST trying to fuck a woman. I am not going to say that every man is a saint and has totally selfless intentions, but if he’s choosing someone then there’s something about her that goes beyond just wanting to fuck you.

I don’t know who invented the question, Does he just want fuck?, but it’s a trap. People want sex... that’s how people, men and women are constructed. People also like to eat and sleep. But you don’t JUST want to eat and sleep – that would be a ridiculous way to think of things.

Lust is a powerful thing, and from lust very often comes love. Men will do just about anything in between "nice to meet you" and "let go to my apartment." You should be a realist, 9/10 men want sex above everything else and that’s a fact of life. Everything else it depends on how you look at it. Men want sex; there’s no question about that. They want it very often and that will never change.

But in order to be able to see signs he just wants to fuck you, you first need to understand something about men that you may not have taken into consideration. The men, you might have villainized in your head and thought they’re so bad for seeking out sex all the time are not bad people. Actually, they’re just normal. It’s only natural for a man to want sex, but it’s not natural for him to want to enter a committed relationship with someone just to get it.

So, man doesn’t plan on anything more than just the sex, but that doesn’t mean he’s against letting something else into his life if he feels a real connection. Any player is human after all, and anyone can appreciate the excitement of meeting someone special.

Men don’t really look for girlfriends per se. They plan on having a good time. If he just wants to sleep with you, that doesn’t mean he isn’t open to seeing where it goes from there. Most men only follow that pattern and won’t make a girl their girlfriend until they have been intimate with them. Someone like that may very well end up being a good boyfriend.

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