Wednesday, June 7, 2017

All is good

...shanti, shanti, shanti. Greetings my friends. It is wonderful to write new post on this beautiful Wednesday. It's all good. Everything is as it should. There are no mistakes. Everything is in its right place. I have no thoughts and my heart is filled with joy...

Why did you come here and read these posts? You could have gone swimming, running, you could be watching TV, but something motivated you to come here on this blog, what? Ask yourself.

There is a mysterious power that motivates you to do what you do. You are motivated to go to to the theater or strip club. You are motivated to go to watch movies. Your are motivated to go to church or spiritual gatherings, what causes this? Who makes this happen?

So I would have to say that you have found here something that is of interest to you. It's your understanding that motivates you to come here or to go somewhere else. When you come to read my blog you can be rest assured that you have been working on yourself. Remember this blog is not a church and there are no teachings here, this is just and honest confession of reality.

All of the things that you are interested in, all of your fears, all of your frustrations, goods and bads, all of your happiness and sadness, it's all here. I am describing a dream, my dream and the more you read it, the more you see that I am talking about you.

Just imagine how peaceful you feel when your mind stops thinking, stops trying to change conditions, stops trying to get even, to fight for your rights. What rights? You have no rights. As a person you have rights, and you always will have to fight for them, for it will appear that someone is trying to take them away, but in reality there are no rights. There is nothing to stand up for.

Well what are you then, nothing? No, emptiness is not nothing. It is called emptiness because it means nothing exists as it appears. But there is something, a mysterious love, compassion, peace, happiness and joy of simple existence. Yet those words are meaningless. They do not give you for it is much more behind that. You have to experience it to understand it.

With that said, being our own love generator leads to one amazing thing: freedom.

And freedom means we are not dependent upon another for love.

Freedom means you can stop obsessing about why your lover does not give you what you think you need.

Freedom means I can stop ending relationships because she does not love me the way I think I want to be loved.

Freedom means I can start appreciating the love that she does give me, instead of the fantasy love I think I need in order to be fulfilled.

And, most importantly, being our own source of love means we can start looking within for our self-worth instead of hitching it to the love of another.  

- Todd Schuett 

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