Sunday, April 1, 2018

Does anybody know what are we living for?

And here I am, on Easter Sunday, thinking about the big question. However you phrase it - What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? What is this all about?

People take that the meaning of life involves some kind of joke, if you asked them, they respond with nervous laugh and an attempt to change the subject. To some, this question is threatening, too unnerving to dare to say anything sincere or serious and so laughter seems the only safe response.

You simply do not know what is the meaning of all this. You don't know why you are here and what is your purpose. You have various theories but all of them are just hearsay.

Nature seems to be a purposeless and meaningless machine. Did we pay for our new mental freedom by sacrificing the meaning of our existence? Partially knowledgeable man stands alone, uprooted in an icy universe, lost in the chain of generations which arose from nothing, and become nothing. What is the purpose of it all? Is this the desired purpose of understanding, the last great answer to all questions asked of nature? Man has “experimented” himself out of a Godly order, away from an inner feeling of security. . . . He has made a taboo of the question of the meaning of human life—its portal has been nailed shut with planks. He no more dares to touch it, because he fears to find the dismal answer that our life has no meaning at all.- Carsten Bresch

The life has no meaning unless you want to fool yourself.

All creation boils down to two things: Awareness and appearance.

Awareness is unchangeable, appearance is ever changing. Consciousness (or knowledge of existence) is also content of awareness and albeit very close to it, unfortunately it is temporary, so it is not true.

Awareness, or so called God, the Absolute, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Perfection basically has no name. It is "not this, not that". It is a pure perfection. And that is a big problem.

Imagine that you are immortal, living in a perfect universe on a perfect planet, eating air and singing the beautiful songs... what else can you do? You may look for a centuries at what?... water flowing? Grass growing? Planet spinning? How about shaping the rocks and wind shaping the mountains? How about looking at ocean and waves?

How long could you watch perfection? I bet, you'd turn into an idiot.

Perfection is the problem God trying to solve and the perfect existence isn't solving it.

God wants imperfection to spice things up. So, that's the setup. Perception, despite being appearance and  practically not existing, performs necessary function of amusement. God needs the Universe and life in order to solve the perfection problem.

This very universe is imperfect and here chaos is possible, flaws and errors are possible, irrationality and inadequacy are possible. Nonsense is possible.

So lets there be something when there is nothing...

and thus was born the illusion of appearance! And thus was born the time, energy, matter, space, causality, duality and life. With life, the man and his ignorance came around. And thus was born the question - what is the meaning of all this?

Life is an aimless and irrational drive. Ejoy it while you have it.

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