Sunday, June 18, 2017

Going to bed at 9 pm !!!

I had a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed every moment of it. What can I say, my life is full of wonder and happy moments. This weekend I will remember, I cannot write about it because I promised not to, anyway, I am happy and I have an enormous enthusiasm to stick to my daily routines, to be more active, smoke and drink less, eat healthy... finally it is a summer time.

If I don't purposefully make decision to improve my daily life, my time will get lost in the randomness and busyness. People are too focused on the trivial and nonessential, I need to get back to the basics and only focus on what's important.

Sleep is very important for me. Without proper sleep I am tired, sleepy and in a bad mood. The truth is, there’s no much point in waking up at 6 am if I went to bed 4 hours earlier. The adequate sleep is a prerequisite for all others routines.

Most social things happened in the evenings, and the nights out actually never start until 9 pm. I use to follow the crowd and do the same. In order to do this I needed to use something to keep me awake, such as drinking two cups of coffee. However, I found that I am struggling to stay awake, even with coffee.

Ever since I started practicing yoga, 11 years ago, I get sleepy by mid-evening. Most people fall asleep on the couch around 9 pm. I hear my friends said they fell asleep around that time too, yet they would continue their evenings until 11 pm or maybe later.

It is a strange feeling for me to be awake and not to go to bed because it is early in the night. The push to stay up make me feel constantly on edge, and by the time I get to bed I would be tired and so often hungry that I needed to eat something to put me to sleep. But this set me in a constant daily cycle of sleeping restlessly and feeling exhausted when I awoke.

I am living alone and I am my own boss. Really. I read on the net that the most natural sleep rhythm for our bodies is to be in bed by 9 pm, this being the time when our body is able to rest and gain optimum healing during the night. I realized I'm not the one who is abnormal, as there is a natural truth in our biological make up whereby being in bed by 9 pm is normal.

I allow myself to go out of my routine during weekends. It is okay. But on weekdays I absolutely like being in bed by 9 pm, and I like taking the time early in the evening to go into a peaceful phase prior to going to bed. I usually read a book before falling to sleep. I love the mornings, 5 am or 6 am. I like quiet time, watching sun rising, actually feeling the new day beginning before all of the usual daily traffic sounds.

I want to increase physical activities and go to gym regularly - daily yoga practice in the morning and the gym after the work. Starting tomorrow I am introducing cold shower after yoga practice. It will be challenging but refreshing.

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