Saturday, June 24, 2017

Planning for Summer Vacation

...gym and yoga and more yoga, weight watch, travel and a good time!

Time has come to start taking close look at my physical appearance. At present I weight 87.2 kg (192 pounds). I am 191cm (6'3') tall and my ideal weight is around 85 kg (187 pounds). I want to lose 2 kg in next week and I have to do it by eating less and exercising more.

Last year at this time, a day before the vacation, I stepped on the scale and it’s all good. 84.6 kg (186 pounds). After two weeks, I started panicking because I've gained 4 kg (9 pounds) on my vacation. I did everything wrong: eat to much, drink too much, no exercise in the last week, did not drink water... So I am planning to be very careful what I eat in next 4 weeks.

Nice weekend in Toronto and I am alone as usually but I don't mind it. My vacation is coming and I am going back home on August 3rd. I am returning back on August 20th. I am glad to see my father and sister and spend time with my niece and nephew. I have to go for a wedding and I am looking forward meeting my family.

Back home I will buy shoes, couple shirts and pants. I want to refresh my wardrobe. The stores are close to each other, the prices are lower than in Canada and the quality is much better. So I am going on a shopping spree over there.

Financially I am good. I have budget of $4000 for my vacation. I will cover my travel expenses without going into debt, which is an excellent thing. I still have a credit for Hilton Hotel at Niagara Falls and I will use it before going to vacation. The first part of July will be about working hard to get in the shape and the end of July will be interesting. Then comes my vacation.

I may go to Mexico in September. I am looking for a cheap hotel and asking my friends to join me. I don't want to go alone. If anyone of them wants to go with me I will go for 7-10 days there. I did not touch my vacation days in this year and I would like to use it. I am not a fan of using vacation in winter time, just staying at my apartment watching snow and freezing rain.

Going out now for a long walk at High Park...

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