Monday, June 12, 2017

So, the Doctor told you

Guest Post -  Written by Jasna Krunic

My Dear Friend;

You are told you have 5 more years to live. By your Doctor! Is that so, really? What makes your Doctor so qualified to determine your exit date for you? Your entry and your exit dates are something that only you know, predetermined at your big entry to this Planet, solely by you... it is the time you determined would take you to complete all the tasks you put on your to-do-list before the arrival, and so you know when the list is complete… Was your Doctor there with you then? Could he known?

Well, be kind, forgive your doctor. Forgive him for acting poorly, very poorly. This was an arrogant act of pure ignorance. He did the best he could, if he could better he would. Forgive him. Actually be thankful to your Doctor for firing this loud trumpet sound directly into your face. Wake Up Dear! Don’t hold grudges against your Doctor.

Rather think as to why are you here, really, must be for a reason… what have you completed in your life, so far, that brings a smile on your face and you feel proud of… what do you feel grateful for…how many more things on your To-Do-List, things you would love to have, do, feel and yet did not, so far? Sometimes we struggle with finding and defining what we want, really, really want, what makes our heart beats faster, stronger…

Once you do it and are certain about it, there are just two options: you either accept the wake up call the Universe is sending you in a form of a bump, a big one, that you are meant to overcome in order to be better than before, for yourself and others, OR just surrender to your doctor’s believes and start preparing for the morbid final scene...Decision is entirely up to you.

Should you, however, find more items on your To-Do-List, congratulation! You just discovered the reason to continue the ride called life, dear friend, you just said YES to LIFE. You are now already half way through toward your full and complete healing. Congratulations!

Yes, it is the fact that our entry and the exit dates are hard-core predetermined and that you are here to enjoy the ride between the two. The good news is that those two days are The Only things you cannot change, everything else YOU CAN CHANGE. And that, my friend, is where your true power lays – to change everything you dislike on a ride… you are the one that has the full control of the ride…you can cancel, delete, re-program, change… everything, even the DNA structure… ability to change every outcome you dislike and replace it with the one that feels and looks better… ability to create whatever your heart desires… Yes, you are the one that can do it all.

For some of that you will need help and the help will be there when you want it, that is where this thing know as humanity kicks in, anyways, most of it you will be able to do alone…it takes courage, courage to give up some of the old paradigms… old diet, habits, believes, fears, anger, suppressed joy, steadfast loyalty to monotony regardless of the cost, feelings of been stuck… if some of this sounds familiar, it is because it brought you here...well, some of it brought you here anyways, on this intersection of your life and perhaps the Universe is pleading with you to take the action and replace the old paradigms of your life, your old beliefs, feelings, thoughts and emotions, and lifestyle choices which does not serve you any more, with the very new ones…For your own ultimate benefit and all of those dear to your heart.

You are a magnificent being with the power to transform, evolve and express the maximum human potential! And you feel deep down in your heart that you can do it. Why then wasting your time by expecting doctor’s false prediction when you know, deep in your heart, that your To-Do list is not complete yet. So, use all of the time you need, YOUR time, to finish the list, time which, accidentally expands much beyond doctor’s prediction.

And then, in 10 years or so, from now, be kind, and go give your doctor a big hug.  After all, it was him who giving you the news helped you jump over to the new horizons, re-discovering your own capabilities, renewed health, new talents, creativity, simple pleasures and the ultimate joy for life.

It is then that you will fully enjoy and be grateful for the brave decisions you are making now, in taking control over your well-being and your life. Congratulations!

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