Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sexual attraction awaken your being

There are two quite different approaches towards life. The first one is that all happened by accident and there is no meaning in anything. The second one is that nothing happens by chance, every single meeting and encounter serves some greater purpose.

The former is not so interesting, it does not give you any room for speculation and belief. All is random without meaning. The latest is more interesting because it leads you to believe that you need people to wake you up and help change something in your life. You need other people to uplift you and remind you who you are.

Ironically, you are not meant to know the purpose of every person you meet in this life, but you are meant to remain open to whatever each encounter will reveal. You are meant to interact with other people and let them in your life so your mind begins to shift.

Sexual encounters are the most important and it is then that you start to truly believe that every single thing that happens does so for a reason. It is so obvious that while laying naked you are most open towards your lover; sometimes, those steamy meetings come in for just right moment in time. Perhaps to speed up your divorce ๐Ÿ˜‰or anything what you need to do or just to delay you making not so good decision.

The attraction towards another person is the sign of the universe that you need a change. What makes you attracted to another will likely remain a mystery forever. While there is something of a science to the romantic and sexual partners you choose, at the end of the day, attraction is still completely unique to your individual makeup and preference.

...Until you kiss, and the kissing quickly turns into touching, and the touching turns into you devouring your lover’s body until the morning sunlight broke through the dark nighttime sky.

Sexual attraction awaken your being, like a drug, and you are bound to share your most intimate secrets and... it means something. Before you know it, you end up laying together in bed for four hours, talking, exchanging secrets, changing your directions.

In life, there is a constant struggle with growing away from yourself. You are amazing being filled with joy and creativity, and somewhere along the way, you forget what you used to believe in magic. You became a responsible adult and you forget you were truly born to be free. This isn’t about how much money you make, or even what kind of job you hold down, it’s about loving yourself and having an inner feeling of freedom.

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