Monday, July 3, 2017

3 weeks from today...

...the great photo. College for Planning 😉. It looks like I studied on this colledge. Everything what I do it turns out to be quite different from my plans. Today is the last day of my mini-vacation. Tomorrow, I am back to the office into my usual routine. All is good.

Yesterday I was on BBQ party at my friend's house. I went there around 2:30 PM and stayed until 9. We had fish soup and a burger and lots of beer. We had a great time but after the party I declined going out to Brydens. I went to sleep around 10. I am rested now and I will do yoga and go to gym.

I mentioned the planning because at present I am in very important period of my life. Next three weeks I want to use for myself to get in a good shape and try to get rid of the belly fat. I am impatient, although I see the good results of my diet I am not quite satisfied. I can do better.

I am not happy with my appearance. I'm not young anymore and I feel it. I am 52 and skin changes, wrinkles, gray hair, belly fat, you name it, have started to show up and they won't go away. But I am not going to give up so easily.

In next three weeks I am on my own. I'm feeling motivated to eat better, exercise more, drink less... I'll do a complete lifestyle change so it will be challenging time. The changes are a process that take motivation and require careful monitoring. I'm ready to make the changes, I'm committing to do it and I'll following through on my blog.

So my plan is simple...

1. Drink coffee only in the morning, and lots of water during a day. 

You know what, I have stopped drinking water. I must force myself to start drinking it again. No more coffee in the afternoon.

2. No more refined carbohydrates in my diet. 

I'll be very careful not to eat the processed food. I will not eat: tacos, wraps, pizza, croissants, pasta, muffins, pastries, bagels, white bread, pretzels, doughnuts, cookies, biscuits, cakes, white rice, wheat, candy, sweets, potato chips, batter, pastry, desserts, jams, soft drinks, sodas and sugary drinks.

3. No more alcohol of any kind. 

I will stop drinking beer and wine. The challenge will be going out to the bars and clubs with my friends but for the beginning I'll avoid going there. The alcohol keeps my belly fat intact. And I'll save money too.

4. Regular, daily ashtanga yoga practice is a MUST. 

No more excuses. Last month 17 yoga practices and my plan is to have 17 practices in a three weeks. I need to return to 6 days a week, 60 minutes, half primary, practice.

5. Daily gym exercises. 

30 minutes, stomach and upper body one day and stomach and legs another day... 5 days a week, Saturday and Sunday will be rest days.

Effective immediately!!!

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