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What does actually mean BEING IN LOVE?

I am in love!

But being in love arouses anxiety, because it threatens me in many ways. Fear from emotional pain and rejection are leaving me feeling more vulnerable. Why?

What does actually mean BEING IN LOVE? 
according to Zee

If I think about it, it turns out matters are a bit complicated. I read on the net couple articles and they all points out that you're attracted to a person who can help you to recreate the conditions of your childhood so you can use your understanding as an adult to finish growing up.

Being in love is a an experience of the feeling on top of the world. Unconsciously though, you are looking to have a deeper needs met. The happiness is not because you’ve found the One; it’s an unconscious recognition of someone who matches your profile made up of positive and negative characteristics of your childhood.

Being in love means you have found the person who can make you the whole or complete again.

You fall in love with the one who has the same childhood wounds but has a different way of dealing with it.

Let me explain... It is so common of being neglected as a child and you might have kept those feelings to yourself, never told anyone about it. You will fail in love with exact person who experienced the same but acted (differently than you) by constantly demanding attention.

You fall in love with someone who exhibit lost aspects of your self, the aspects of your personality of which you are not even conscious. If you are shy, you seek someone outgoing; if you’re disorganized, you’re attracted to someone cool and rational.

Falling in love stears your unconsciousness and the world seems altogether a better place, your gut is telling you that you’ve found someone with whom you can finally get your needs met and fulfill your spiritual growth.

Unfortunately, since you don’t understand what’s going on, you’re shocked when the awful truth of being in relationship surfaces, and your first impulse is to run screaming in the opposite direction.

Being in love and fulfilling the spiritual growth is filled with struggle with anger and disappointment. In short-term, you may be shocked at how fast you relationship has deteriorated to conflict and dislike.

The marriages and relationships break up once this need for spiritual growth is finished. Eventually, you reach a point of no return and there is nothing to keep you related with that person again. You find out that you can’t stand each other any longer.

If you know that your partner is supposed to help you grow up, would you change things? 

Would you still, like so many millions of people all over the world, breakup relationship or settle for an empty, loveless existence “for the sake of the children” or insurance and tax purposes or because you’re afraid of being alone?

I suppose it depends on whether you accept my theory and whether you act on it.

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