Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to my home...

I am a Godfather of this beautiful family

I'm packing my suitcase,  my vacation is coming to the end. Tomorrow, I'm traveling to Belgrade my godfather is making a party for me. I will sleep over at his place.

On Saturday I will be at my sister's condo and early Sunday morning I will be headed to Paris. I will arrive  at Toronto at 4 p.m.  local time.

I had nice vacation. I spent time with my father and sister, we laughed a lot, we were having so many lunches and dinners in different restaurants, I visited almost all my family, great wedding party of my cousin...

I did six yoga practices on the balcony of now my former house. I could do better but hot weather, laziness and procrastination did its thing.

I am glad to go back to Toronto, to my home. As I said in previous posts, I gave up my entail and I have nothing in Serbia anymore. I am talking about the properties. Of course my family is here and I will be visiting them but not so often like before.  Simply, I don't see myself living here.

My father's cat - Blue Russian

The rest of the year should be interesting. I like the most September and October in Toronto. I will go to work at the office on Monday, rested, eager to return to usual routine. 

I am missing my daughter and my girlfriend and I am looking forward seeing them.

I am going to make plans for the rest of the year, I would like to go to India as well as to Carribean. Everything is possible....

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