Friday, August 25, 2017

Do you really want to stop dreaming?

Your sole purpose in this life is to reach awakening. Your goal is to recognize the flaws in your understanding that you have absorbed throughout your childhood and to rise above them. Your aim is to live, love, be selfless and be kind.

There are no accidents. Every single person who you meet is meant to cross your path. The sole purpose meeting other people is to awaken you, to challenge you and finally to change you.

You usualy find life's answers through lovers, friends, acquaintances or family. Those people give you answers that change your life's direction.

You know, being a kid wasn’t so great. Most of you had two tyrannical, insecure parents, afraid that you might not turn out right. You were small in a big world. You didn’t know much and you had to sit still and act your age... whatever that meant.

Forget about it. You get the best parts of being a grown up by still being a kid, still being wild and stuborn, still love life and still being young and of course, you don’t have to eat your veggies unless you really want to.

Looking back at my own life, I’ve crossed paths with so many people that are no longer  part of my present. My destiny was not permanently tied to them. Nevertheless, those people have changed me, they were placed by the universe at the right time.

As a consequence of meeting those people, now, I'm living my life in the moment and that may appear to be irresponsible to you, but it turns out it is the best possible thing I can do for myself because the awakening is indeed a frightening endeavour.

The awakening shatters your beliefs, your worldview and dissolves your certainty. It replaces the grownups answers with kids questions and it touch you psychologically and physically. It changes you by cleaning your perception. You will start seeing things you may not want to see.

This one is arguably the most painful thing of the awakening, the culprit of all seeing, is the seeing that you don't exist. Ah simple words which do not make any sense. Are they? The essence of you will never admit this seeing, but it is there like an abys staring into you. The real you is no-thing and you have to see it for yourself.

Yes, I am talking about awakening, a burning down of your expectations and hopes, a total disintegration of yourself. You descend, literally. And so you lose yourself and you may scream out. The only way to proceed is to fully accept humility, the scary, uncomfortable state of forgiving. It’s a tearing down of the walls that protect you from the world.

Humility hurts because it is the ultimate letting go of yourself. It’s a deep acceptance of the way things are, regardless of your need for things to be a certain way. It’s a decisive shedding of the burden of things that you cannot control.

Seeing impermanence, your lies and delusions and accepting humility gives you permission to authentically and sincerely live your life. In the end, awakening is scary and painful, but it is so amazingly rewarding that it doesn’t even matter.

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