Saturday, August 12, 2017

Going to Mysore, India

Yesterday was another hot day here in Serbia.  +38℃. In the morning I went and bought a new shoes and exchange some money. I did not spent a lot but I gave too much money for presents to my relatives, around $2500 euros. 

The economic situation in Serbia can be described in one word - disaster. Other main observation are depression of people and corruption of the state. I will not come here next year. Now when I gave up my house I don't feel anything that binds me on this place. I am free to explore other opportunities.

I have talked with my friends and cousins and i don' t share their opinions, I have so little in common with them.  They are all talking about politics, economy and some huge business. They know everything just about everything. No one actually asked me how am I, what I feel and do. 

I have seen this before but now I have no excuse for such behavior. I gave them my presents and they will not see me in a while.  I am going to change the things. In the last ten years I was coming here and that is over.

I have here a lot of time to think and plan my future. I will not go to Mexico in September I decided to travel to Mysore, India in December and do ashtanga yoga for a month. 

I have 10 days of vacation left for this year and I will take the rest from next year. I am going to blog about the Mysore trip and it will be interesting. I am planning to go alone.

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