Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday, Beer Night Tonight !!!

My twin sister

Yesterday, I travelled 20 hours, from Belgrade via Paris I arrived in Toronto at 4 p.m. Waited for suitcase for one hour and I was at home around 6 p.m. From Belgrade to Paris, due to overbooked flight, they gave me a business class seat so that was so nice. You know, champagne and nice breakfast. The trip from Paris also was pleasant, I had a seat in the first row, a lot of room for my legs, I watched the movies and slept.

17 days of vacation is finished and I am glad that is over. I do like my family and friends overseas but my heart is in Toronto. 24 years living in Toronto has changed me and I have a little in common with people in Serbia. 

Last night, my daughter brought me groceries so when I returned from the trip I did not go out to buy anything. My girlfriend came later at night and we had wonderful time. I really missed her. She looked beautiful, she has changed a lot since we met. I love her.

My Friends, my generation

I woke up at 5 a.m. refreshed, I cannot sleep, probably jetlag. Now I am drinking a coffee and I will do yoga practice. Life goes on. I will go to the office today and I am expecting a lot of work.

My money situation is not so good. I spend a way too much on the vacation, much more than I planned, but that is not surprising at all. Now I have to work hard to save the money and return to "positive" zero. It is okay I will not be so stressful about that. Next three-four months I will not travel anywhere. My girlfriend is too busy for vacation and my plan to go to India is moved for the January next year. Until then I will have enough money to recover.

I have gained 3 kg on my vacation and all went to the belly fat so I have to go on diet again. My final thoughts about vacation... it was hot, expensive and most of the time boring. I have no intention to go to Serbia next year.

My Father and The Cat

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