Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Greatest Show Not On Television... Is Back

My new dating experience, dedicated to nobody...

I was on the first date after more than a year., two emails and there we were, face to face... She is a gorgeous blond, petite and thin, 45 years old, Canadian Italian.

She has style. Under black long sweater she wore a tight black skirt, high heels, a white blouse, and a gold and black scarf around her neck. She has a cute small nose, marvelous breasts and fine ass.

She told me she is not a desperate to find someone. She sounded cheesy and at the same time, in a way, beautiful. We talked without touching. We were at Queens Pasta and I told her that I live nearby but she pretended not to hear that. I suggested that after dinner we go to Swan, a nearby bar and she agreed.

I noticed that she does not eat much. After two hours of quite pleasant and vibrant conversation, waiter packed her food, I paid the bill and we walked to her car in order to leave the food container... and then... I kissed her, she returned the kiss. She told me that she likes me. In the Swan we were like two teenagers, holding hands and kissing.

I called her to my place but she did not accept it. She drove me to the entry of my condo and we parted with smiles. I like her a lot and there is a chance that I have found a girlfriend...

I have seen her last night again. She came to my place and we have a lot of fun. We went to Open Cork for a dinner, the sea platter for two was a way too much for us. The food was great and the wine was delicious too. After dinner we went back to my place and she stayed well after midnight. We scheduled next date for this weekend.

I'm bouncing back. It is a challenge of meeting someone new and a new date can be downright daunting but I was lucky. I do think that the Bumble app is the best online dating app because it match up people that already like each other. The Bumble account is connected to Facebook account and there is no so much lies (except if a person lies on Facebook) about age and recent photos.

For a long time I was in a toxic relationship and although I tried to escape several times I didn’t quite realize how much I was emotionally abused. In past relationship everything was about my former girlfriend, what she does, what she thinks and everything was a kind of hope that things will change. There was also a comfort in things that are the same. There’s a comfort in being with someone who knows me so deeply.

It takes a lot of courage to walk away from such relationship. But now, when I have met a different girl I can fully realize how negatively this past relationship has affected me. Now, I don’t trust anyone. Even myself. I became paranoid as fuck. I don’t believe people can be honest or mean what they say.

I wonder how I tolerated past relationship for so long. In this new relationship I don't expect much. I simply don’t believe good girls exist because for so long I looked for the wrong qualities and I accepted them as normal. Time with this new girl will tell am I right or wrong... we have started and things look good for now although I need to change and adapt to the new situation.

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