Thursday, August 10, 2017

Vacation Time

It is exactly seven days since I left Toronto. I traveled via Amsterdam and the flight was on time. I came to Belgrade around noon on Friday in the middle of the hottest summer day in the last decades.

On the weekend I was with my family on a wedding party. We were partying for three days in a raw. Lots of beer, music and dancing in hot nights. On Sunday was 46℃.

Today I did the third yoga practice at my home and I am planning to go to Gucha the biggest brass trumpet festival in the world.

I have made some important decisions. I gave up my house to my sister. She will take care about my father in his old age and she is living here. I have no plans to return from Toronto and live in Serbia. So we are going to visit a lawyer and put my will in writing.

I have visited my relatives in the last couple of days... their thinking and words are strange for me and I do not see myself being here. Probably I will not come next year.

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