Monday, September 25, 2017

The Start Of Something New

I started blogging on December 6, 2012, and I did not stop since then. I have deleted my first blog exploring dreamstate last year and I started My old blog had more than 1000 posts. Since the very beginning, I am writing about awakening, yoga and daily life.

In the last couple of months, I had a wish to change my blog and start writing funny daily news around the world. So yesterday, as the first step towards that direction, I changed the layout of my blog. I worked all day to implement and customize this new template and slowly I will start writing new content.

I changed my mind and now I'm allowing the blog comments so be free to leave your wisdom here. Not that I care about your opinion but it is nice to have live interaction. You know, it is a bad idea to pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm not writing in order to please you. If you do not accept me for who I am, it is okay, go and read some other blog for free.

Since I was a kid, I have always been naturally good at whatever I do. I can’t help striving to do my best. This is both a fault and a strength. For those who are similar to me, I want to remind you that sometimes we create our own races where we are the only ones competing.

As a blogger, it is easy to look at the numerical figures of more successful bloggers and worry about why my own statistics do not match up. Then, in a fury, I begin to pull up all of the tutorial articles on the internet guaranteeing me more views, likes, and followers. But awakening is not a place to make a large number of Facebook likes.

First off, everyone starts at the different place of understanding. They guard their spirituality as a very precious possession. It is all about beliefs and they do not want to think outside the box.

My words are dry, straight and direct. Most of the readers come only couple times, read my particular brand of bullshit and they are gone. I’m definitely guilty of this one. I’ve realized recently that as I was trying to gain followers and create posts they would like, I’ve lost track of why I've started blogging in the first place - I want to write for myself as an expression of my creativity and love for writing.

Blogging for me is more of a hobby. Part of the reason why I continue to blog is that I love being able to read what I wrote a year ago. How my view of the world is changed and how I was so deluded back then. I have realized that everything I wrote is more or less wrong. There is nothing in this life that has any intrinsic value. Days are passing is the only constant in this life.

I will start slowly to write different articles, more news-based funny posts. There is nothing to be learned in life. Awakening is a deeply personal matter and it is not something to be shared and exposed freely on the internet. Zen and Buddism is not my cup of tea, spirituality, in general, is the hilarious joke and it must be exposed as such so I will continue to write in my own way.

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