Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Are You Ready For Yoga Teacher Training?

Welcome future yoga teacher. You’ve landed in the perfect place. You'll find here all the must-knows to get started on your yoga teacher training (YTT) journey. Sit back, read, and enjoy ...

If you’re considering YTT, know this... there are an estimated 9 million certified yoga teachers around the globe today. Yoga teaching is a hard job and it is not zen at all, as it looks like. Yoga industry is merciless and yoga teachers are hired and fired on regular basis. As you embark on the perilious path of yoga teaching know that your own yoga practice will suffer.

Okay, if you're not discouraged by my honest words of warning and you follow mystery of the unknown, excitement, passion, and so on, if you are still interested in YTT, I highly recommend to think about certain things first...

What do you want to teach: Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinayasa, Jivamukti, Hata, Hot, Goat or Beer Yoga? Then consider your free time and the type of training, decide if you will do a 30-day intensive training or a year around spread-out version. Consider money issues too, are you going to get a loan of $5000 and pay all at once or you going to pay by installments. Research teachers, programs, and studios and try to meet with them, ask questions, a lot of them.

The 200-hour certification is the first certification – it’s the minimum required amount of hours to teach yoga. The 300-hour certification is in addition to the first 200 – this must be completed separately. You can also take the 500-hour certification program which is a combination of these two.

Once the 200-hour yoga certification is completed, you can expand your education with additional workshops and certifications. Such as pre-natal yoga, yoga for back pain, hands-on adjustments, restorative yoga or yin yoga.

I know you’re excited, you've already done your research where, how and when to become a yoga teacher, and your hubby is willing to pay for it. Great. What you won’t find in the FAQ section of the YTT program is that your life will be forever changed.

You can expect to learn the history behind yoga. You will spend hours of discussing is yoga religion or not. You will learn some Indian sages names and hear about the ancient yoga lineages. You will learn the correct alignment of postures.

You will learn the basics of the Sanskrit language and names of the yoga postures. You will touch upon meditation, sitting still and zooming into the void. Pranayama will be mentioned and some breathing techniques will be said to exist.

You will be forced to do your own self-practice and learn techniques how to motivate yourself, although spreadsheet of yoga studio classes must be filled every time you attend the yoga class. You will expand your knowledge on health & wellness. And finally, you will hear for Ayurveda – the sister science of yoga.

You will cry and laugh doing some weird things. You will lose your friends but make new ones. You will start questioning your world and you'll become vegetarian. You will also become a quieter person. You will become a yoga teacher and you will end up divorced.

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