Monday, December 18, 2017

Hello from Zee

These days, I am so busy with computer programming so I have completely forgot my blog. Last Tuesday I've started learning android application development and I like it very much. I have developed a small application for yoga practice monitoring. It is nothing special I just was learning the whole process from development up to publishing on Google Play.

I'm experienced java programmer so android development, even new concept and unknown java libraries, is not completely new for me. I faced problems with performance of phone emulator because my laptop doesn't have enough power for fast compiling and debugging so yesterday I went and bought a new 16 GB RAM desktop computer and large 27' monitor. My plan is to develop a serious android application. I am so exited.

The plan is to finish a new android application by May 1, 2018. I will not disclose what I'll make, let's that be a surprise. I'll charge for that application. Google takes 30% of app sales, they are powerful company.

Next Tuesday I am going to Punta Cana with my girlfriend. It is perfect timing, sun and swimming and nice weather ... wow. For New Year's Eve we will come back to Toronto, I'm not quite sure where we'll go. Maybe we'll stay at home. We'll see.

I've put my credit cards on the side and for daily living I am just using cash. It is still early to say but I do see a difference. I have saved $200. My girlfriend supports me 100% and I am glad for that. Last weekend we ate at my place, I was making meals and we had a nice time. On Saturday night, my friends come for beer and we stay so late.

I don't know when I will write next post. When I do something I only think about it so now I am fully in android development. I must go now to make database architecture for my new project. If you don't hear from me I wish you Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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