Sunday, January 7, 2018

Cash, only $3.99... coming soon, in theater near you

If you don't follow my blog but you came from a Facebook group and you just read an article, you might wonder what I'm actually writing about. Well, I'm writing about everything. I also write about nothing. To be quite honest I'm just having a fun.

By reading my blog you may come to conclusion that my life is great and I have nothing to complain about... and you are quite right. Nevertheless, at this moment, I want to make money. I feel an internal desire to turn things around. My vision is not completely clear but I'm quite sure where I want to end up. I want 10K downloads of my new android application for expense tracking. I am using it so I know it is a good app.

I am in the final testing phase of the app and I think to release it to the Google Play next month. Wish me luck.

At age 53, I've reached a point when I just no longer fit in with the crowd. It is difficult for me to admit, but I must be honest, I'm too old for going out and clubbing. There is no reason I should go to clubs if everyone around me is my daughter's age. If you don’t see the problem then you have a problem.

This weekend was all about programming. My girlfriend is busy doing her own stuff. I was alone and I had great time making new reports and this promotional video. Still not quite satisfied but now I am tired of making changes. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm thinking for myself and I'm seeing my mistakes. What I'm not quite sure is this life my show, is it my dream or just randomly and loosely connected events. But honestly, who the fuck cares. I need to make money, smoke less, drink less and exercise more. Winter is here. Today in Toronto is -20 C and it feels really chilly.

I did 4 yoga practices this year. Daily ashtanga yoga half-primary practice, 60 minutes long and once a week the full primary class is a must. I'm 90 kg but I want to have 85 kg without belly fat. I want to include daily gym exercise and walking as my daily activities. I want to increase my energy so I started to drink ginger tea. 

So my life is a simple life with lots of fun and physical activities. I'll continue going to bed at 9 PM and have a good night rest. I don't care what other people think of this. I'm not interested if people agree with me or not.

 "I" or "me" or personal self does not exist; personal self is an illusion.
Nothing in this world is true.
The life is a dream and the meaning of life is whatever I give it.
The purpose of life is to enjoy simple existence.

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