Thursday, February 1, 2018

Things don't change, only the way you look at them

Getting old sucks! my friends, and this is what I want to share with you today. There are no happy endings for anyone. Just a life that seems to be slower and slower, a slow, heart wrenching, and inescapable march toward death.

Does the world appear to be fucked up right now? When you watch TV or read the internet news, do you feel you are bombarded by not so good, bad and really bad news? Do you have feeling that world is a terrible place? Was it better before? 

I tell you, rise up, things aren’t as bad as they seem.

If you think that there is no future for our planet I must say you're totally wrong. The Earth does not care about us. It just moves, flying 30 kilometers per second around sun. The Earth will adapt itself to modern life and if it is necessary wipe people from its face. Some new mankind will come, not necessarily smarter than us... just different.

Accept the truth that you're living your life semi-consciously. There are plenty of issues that need to be addressed, sure, but things are actually not as bad as you project. If you look around, the general well being of the people is better than it has ever been. Look at the streets, big houses, shiny condos, new cars, packed restaurants and bars. Full yoga and zumba classes, so expensive vacations and yet it is difficult to find a spot for popular destinations...

So what's the fuck is going on with you?

You're getting old my friend, that's all. The world seems to you like a brighter, better place when you look back, but the reality is that you were younger, less stressed about work. Back then you had less and you didn’t have to worry about money, and of course you didn't have time to pay much attention to the news.

The part of getting older is to have a selective memory. I mean, you remember more positive things than negative. And that trend will continue, the older you get, the more you will think about the good stuff from the past, minimizing negative memories... so today will seem to you so much worse than yesterday.

You can’t help it. This is what you are, the sense of presence occupied with useless thinking about past and future. You’re not going to be able to stop yourself from this, but knowing about this can help you to be conscious.

You've forgot that once you were a conqueror of the world, with enormous drive to live and love and fight... and you had a drive to go to the end of the world... and now, when you have everything, you became a coward, always on the lookout for threats, always seeing dangers, always dwelling on negative things... for too long.

Not only you are wired to look back with positive feelings, you’re destined to see almost everything in the present as negative. What’s worse, your attention gets absorbed by the negative.

Ever wonder why the news is always horrible thing after horrible thing? It’s because they want better ratings and you love to look at the atrocities of the world whether you want to admit or not.

And if you're close to depression, as 80% of the middle aged population of the west is, the horrible images have stronger effects. It’s all a vicious cycle of negativity that continues to feed into itself, but what can you do, it’s the way you’re programmed.

The world is just fine. Leave it alone. None of what you say is necessarily true. Of course, there are problems in the world but it is far away from the despair you're talking about.

There is a wonderful riff from George Carlin about how aging in reverse would be a much better way to go. You start out old, life gets better as you get younger, before death you are in the comfort of your mother’s womb, and then you die at the moment of your father’s orgasm. Now that is a fucking Big Bang!

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