Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dramatic Time Shift Change

Such a nice weekend. My girlfriend came on Friday evening, we talked, listened music and drunk beer... we were in a good mood, so happy, we sang and danced until early hours of Saturday morning. I think my neighbors did not like the noise we were making but who cares. We went to sleep at 5:30 a.m. On Saturday we had a sandwich and at night we wend for a dinner at Milestones. Later we watched The Shape Of Water. Interesting movie. Today we lazily spent the whole day. I prepared eggs for breakfast and potato for dinner. My girlfriend is a wonderful woman, strong and comfortable on her own way. I love her, she is a big part of my life...

Today happened that Dramatic Time Shift Change... as you know, daylight saving time have started. I don't get this spring forward time change bullshit. It is still the same amount of daylight and just because someone decided to shift forward an hour it does make the day as if it is somehow longer by an hour.

I think some people may even believe the day is magically longer because of the clock change. I guess it's because they are never up before sunrise. I notice the difference in the mornings more than I do the evenings because I am up and out before sunrise every day.

Last week I had 4 yoga practices and as I said to my girlfriend, I am really a lazy guy. I mean nothing is stopping me to practice more and to be more physically active, to go to gym and even start running. I should walk more and spend my free time outside. I have so much free time...

I don't watch TV, don't follow sports, don't read newspapers; I despise politics and politicians, don't vote for any party; I don't go for social gatherings, don't walk for cancer cure, don't rush to save the trees, the bees, the whales.

I'm trying to stay away from the bullshit of this society - the rat race of the Matrix. I personally define the Matrix as a set of beliefs, cultural norms, attitudes, and conditioned states which are prevalent throughout society.

The real Dramatic Time Shift Change is when you get to be 50 years old. And what is the most important topic when you are in 50s? The struggle against aging! The age is never before so obvious like in 50s. People fight against nature but there is no hope to win. Everyone is going to lose and end up muddy, humiliated and at the end, without meaning. The desperate attempts to stay young will not delay the inevitable. All is good. You had your youth, you had a good days, if you played it bad... so be it.

You are getting old somewhere in the middle of 40s, depending on whether you're made out of less or more shitty material. But it is most visible in 50s, you're gaining weight like never before. Except for a people whose metabolism is so fast that it can neutralize the fatty steak eaten in five afternoon with a bottle of wine, all others are sentenced to gain weight.

It comes with that age, marriage, divorce, children and work... you're purely destined to became a cynic. You start strongly believing that people are motivated by their self-interest rather than acting for unselfish reasons. But you fail to see that your own future, like for example the retirement, is more important than the moment in which you are...

You used to wait for the weekend so eagerly; you used to put on the most beautiful shirt heading straight after work to a bar to meet friends and to drink. It takes 50 years and the desire for the Friday night out gradually atrophies, you find yourself at the place when your partner must force you to get out of the couch. Rarely you succeed. You just have no interest to mingle with the crowd, to pay for a beer six times over the LCBO price and to wait your turn to pee. Besides complaining that the music is a way too loud, the refusal to go out means your balls are hanging too low. There is nothing wrong there, on the contrary... you are ready for meditation.

One of the hilarious experiences for many in their 50's is actual High School reunion, the seeing your own generation. Being with large groups of men and women your own age will give you delusional assurance to justify the feeling that you yourself are aging better than most of them.

In 50s, you'll start thinking how much time is left rather than how much has passed. Sad, but true.

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