Friday, March 9, 2018

Yoga poses to flatten your stomach

Thursday 4:30 pm.. I am back from the office. I'm about to start 60 minutes long yoga practice. I'll do 5A, 5B sun salutations and all the postures of half primary series until navasana and then full closing sequence. I will incorporate these postures here which are not part of the half primary but are beneficial for flatten my stomach. Yesterday was the rest day so I feel eager to do my practice now.

Daily ashtanga yoga is part of my life. Four to five practices a week, each practice is a half primary class, with addition of the stomach exercises, all together is about 45-60 minutes long. I want to have a full primary class at least once per week, that is my goal. I may even go to yoga studio for that class. 

I have to work on my metabolism. Having a good rate of metabolism increases the amount of calories that I can take and also burn calories on a daily basis. The increase in metabolism is not so easy to accomplish.

There are many factors that affect metabolism, my age is one of them. To get a good metabolism I have to be very much disciplined with gym exercises. Even I scheduled gym after work at 6 PM I did not always go there. Somehow I was satisfied with a good yoga practice in the morning. Now, I don't want to change that. 

Lifting weights regularly is one of the best ways to boost the metabolism. The more I lift weight, the more increase of metabolisms rate.

A regular yoga practice contributes to a flatter, stronger stomach, as most of the poses require you to use ab muscles for stabilization. The twisting and bending involved in yoga may also help reduce bloating that makes your stomach flatter.

Large belly often results from an excess of fat. It's common to store fat, accumulated from eating too much food and too little activities. The soft subcutaneous fat of your belly lies just under the skin and poses little health risk, but it makes our jeans tight.

Stomach area is also home to visceral fat, which surrounds internal organs and secretes compounds that raise inflammation and risk of disease. A sedentary lifestyle, hormones and consumption of processed foods often contribute to the development of internal visceral fat.

The greater proportion of muscle we carry, the more calories we burn all day long. An active practice that involves lots of standing poses and sun salutations can help build strength in our core, arms, chest and legs.

However, it may not be enough to boost your metabolism and stimulate fat-burning hormones to help you lose extra pounds and achieve a flat stomach. Incorporating strength training with heavy resistance, so gym exercises are necessary.

A regular yoga practice can flatter your stomach faster than banging out a million crunches. Just do not eat after 9 pm. That's main thing. We must have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

In general, yoga is full of core-strengthening moves, but these postures take top honors. They challenge your balance and stability and force your obliques, hip flexors, and even glutes to team up, helping you sculpt a seriously strong midsection.

There are many yoga poses for flat abs you can do at home. Practicing yoga regularly will lengthen and strengthen your entire body. That means you will get sleek and toned muscles, not bulky ones that some are afraid of obtaining sometimes.

Be very patient with yourself if you can’t do all of these poses quite yet. Work at a speed that’s right for you, keep trying, don’t give up, and you will have a flat stomach soon enough!

I should add that eating healthy and doing some form of cardio gym exercises helps so working on those things as well is a good thing. Either way, these yoga poses presented here are nice addition to ashtanga half primary asanas and it will help you get closer to flat abs.

You see, I have to work hard too. 😓

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