Sunday, April 15, 2018

HERE... The secret teaching is revealed to you!

Though the Egyptian pyramids are now just broken stone, the spirit of Egyptian philosophy is still felt today.

Though the ancient Brahmins crumbled into dust, though ancient Yogas are now changed beyond recognition, still the wisdom of the Vedas endures.

Though the House of the Mysteries are now but rows of ghostly columns, still "Who Am I?" shines it's spiritual glory.

Though Zoroaster, Hermes, Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle are now but dim memories and lost pages in historical books, still they live again in the words and symbols for the honest spiritual seeker...

In this era of "practical" electronic gadgets and social media, people ridicule philosophy. They don't ponder about the question of the existence and goodness, they ponder with their befuddled minds only about fashion, cars and bigger houses. People have forgotten the path which leads beyond the stars.

They continue to laugh and cry, to love and hate. Their dream is for their own prosperity not for the nobler world, a fuller life, a more perfect spiritual realization. They are not going for the virtue, love, and humility. The soul of people has been deprived of its wings, the bare flesh is all that is left.

A Human Being is not the insignificant creature that it appears to be. The physical body is not the true measure of human's real self. The secret knowledge of how "I" sense comes into being, without any effort, will be revealed only by consciousness. So being conscious is the most important thing in this world.

Consciousness, your sense of presence, your sense of "I", is itself God, and it is the only thing  which can reveal to you the secret of all manifestation, all creation. Nothing else can do so, all else is concept - imagination.

Any teaching who gives you the spiritual knowledge is based on knowledge of its own concepts which considers Truth. The concepts may be excellent but still they are concepts, and whatever is understood through it, is not going to be permanent.

The consciousness cannot reveal its secrets to those who are holding onto certain ideas, hoping to acquire something very great. The spiritual realization is simplicity itself. The study of "I am" is concept-free study.

Stay in the "I am" presence and let go of everything else. You need courage to do so. You have to be brave. The world happens spontaneously. The very concept "I am awake" is root of illusion. Just be, be present in all your activities, observe, accepting things as they are. One in a million will do this practice, others want to gain something.

The consciousness is of a universal nature, just like space. The imagination and memory create a body and a personality. The practice is to remove the identity with the body. Remove the feeling that something good is going to happen to you. This "feeling" is "you". Be aware of this.

Follow daily activities with attention on your sense of presence, your "I am" sense. It is hard. It is difficult, but follow it longer and longer time. Otherwise you will be moving about like a leaf on the wind that just jumps about here and there. Stabilize yourself in "I am". Know yourself. Self knowledge is only knowledge worth having.

You as an individual are imaginary thing. Now, you know, the full secret is revealed to you. Go.

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