Wednesday, April 4, 2018

~ ~ to my readers

I would like to ask you - Do you like yourself? I mean, Be Yourself is quite possibly the most commonly used phrase in the history of advice - Be Yourself. Don't be someone else, be yourself!

You see, I don't want to be myself, I want to change myself. I never really liked who I am. For example, I want to stop being nice so people can leave me alone. I want to start playing games, start enjoying this absurd world. I don’t want to wear masks just to please you.  I don't want to behave as you expect me to.

Why should I play roles that aren’t mine?

I can be distant, aloof, manipulative and disingenuous! What about that? Huh! And, I'm definitely not trying to arouse emotions like pity, admiration and sympathy in any of you who read this. To be quite honest, I don't give a damn about your judgments and critics.

From now on, I want to stop defining myself. Seriously. At every moment I want to be aware of what I think, feel, want and do. I'm going to write posts as best as possible, and that's it. No more thoughts about the number of clicks, I have given my best.

I do not want to be chained to anything that in the long run. I do not want to give unnecessary explanations or apologies. I must start saying "NO".

I will never ever discuss my personal problems on these pages. I really do not want to have useless friendships. There is no benefits that my blog will bring me. I really accept that you are better than me so I put the end of my antipathy towards you.

On this blog, I do not complain, I am just developing my imagination. I don't write for the pleasure of being read and although you don't pay for the reading opportunity you have being given, understand that I do not boast my ideas on you.

If I offend you at any point, I ask for forgiveness. If you realize that you have read something not in accordance with your upbringing and your beliefs, it is my mistake so please leave this blog immediately. I don't defend my ideas simply because it was I who wrote it. I understand you, I also don't embellish myself with the ideas of others. Please never visit my blog just to fill your time.

I never talk about myself in rigid, constant way, I'm allowing myself the possibility of changing. I accept that nothing is mine. I do not take pride in my weaknesses. I wish that you do the same. That's all.

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