Monday, May 21, 2018

How the Right Nutrition Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Pravda Vodka Club, Toronto

It is a very good title, but I don't know the answer. If you don't follow my blog and that is quite possible, very few people do, and you've came here by pure accident and you just read this article, you might wonder what I'm actually writing about. Well, I really don't know what I am writing about, I mean, I do mention awakening, spirituality, yoga and my daily life but all that really means nothing. To be quite honest I'm just having a fun.

By reading this blog you may come to conclusion that my life is great and I have nothing to complain about... and you are quite right. Nevertheless, at this moment, I want to shift the focus of my life. I feel an internal urge to live healthier. My vision is not yet completely clear and I'm not quite sure how to start, but things are about to change.

At age 53, I've reached a point when I just no longer fit in with the crowd like before. It is difficult for me to admit, but I must be honest, I'm too old for going out and clubbing every night. There is no reason I should go to clubs if everyone around me is my daughter's age. If you don’t see the problem then you have a problem.

Today is Victoria day in Canada and it is holiday. Monday afternoon, I am with my daughter and I just made a dinner for her. This weekend is slowly coming to the end. I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend. She came on Friday night and she left home earlier today. For these three days we went out every night and we went to sleep after 2 am in the morning. Friday night, Open Cork a wonderful steak dinner, on Saturday night we went out to Pravda Vodka Club with my friend, we were dancing and drinking, yesterday we went to Milestones for a lunch with my daughter...

I'm thinking for myself and I'm not quite sure is this life my show, is it my dream or just randomly and loosely connected events. But honestly, who the fuck cares. I need to save money, smoke less, drink less and exercise more. Spring is here. Today in Toronto is 20 C and it feels really nice so I'll be waking up at 5 am.

In two weeks I am going for a vacation heading for Mexico. I will stay there with my friend for 14 days. I do expect to get in shape, I want to practice yoga everyday, swim a lot and visit the gym regularly. Of course there will be a lot tequila and beer but fortunately at resort everything is finished by midnight so I will have enough sleep.

These two weeks before my vacation I will use to build physical strength by daily ashtanga yoga half-primary practice, 45 minutes long practice. I want to have 85 kg without belly fat. Wish me luck.

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