Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hello from Mexico

I am on vacation in Mayan Riviera, Mexico and I have a great time. Seven days have passed, I got nice tan, practiced yoga every day and drunk a lot mostly tequila and beer. There are still seven more days to go so I want to use this time to clear certain things from my mind.

When I come back to Toronto i am going to a strict diet. I want to slim and to have a nice figure. My age is catching with me but I will not give up so easily.

Yoga practice here is so good, I sweat a lot and that is what I want. I have a great place for practice in my room, i open the balcony door and i can feel and smell the sea. It is really hot here, around 30 °C every day.

I am thinking a lot about the nature of love and should I be alone. Why some people are attracted to each other? Why people want to be together when there are so many indication they should not? What is this thing love all about?

Bukowski said love is the dog from hell. It is the best description of love, I heard of. Really, lets talk about it.

Two people, complete strangers, meet and then slowly they get to know each other. Sex is a glue of love but from infatuation stage to love there is a long way. Somewhere on that way many pitfalls awaiting. In most cases the new relationship finished with infatuation and that's it. Only a few proceed further, develop friendship and stay together.

So infatuation, friendship, love. Logical things you would say. However, being a friend with your partner is a tricky thing. You have to listen to the stories and problems you do not want in your life. Every friendship is based on control, assertion of will and ability to give up your own wishes.

The worst possible relationship is being in love to selfish person. Such partner or a friend will take an advantage of you in no time... and that brings me back to original question... love.

Love means sharing emotions and feelings, wanting to touch and cuddle, wanting and being together. If that is not possible because of various reasons, there is no opportunity for love to take place. Relationships with no future are relationships with no love.

This is what I am thinking about here besides the pool in a paradise. Love, the dog from hell. To be truly free I know that I have to be alone.

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